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Your Business Doesn’t Need A Facebook Page

Your Business Doesn’t Need A Facebook Page | Building the Digital Business |
I’ll start this post with the disclaimer that the title may be a little misleading. This article won’t argue that businesses can’t benefit from Facebook pages but it won’t kneel at the altar of Zuckerberg either.  The goal here is to shed some light on misconceptions generated by “social media gurus” about the importance of Facebook pages for business, and why your business probably doesn’t need one.

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Cendrine Marrouat -'s curator insight, March 9, 2015 11:09 PM

Facebook can work, but it's not for every business. Don't believe the hype from social media "gurus", as Sam Fiorella states in this excellent article.

If it doesn't make sense for your brand to be on Facebook, you don't have to be there... 

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Facebook Is Like a Credit Card and That's Why It's Here to Stay

Facebook Is Like a Credit Card and That's Why It's Here to Stay | Building the Digital Business |

Facebook isn't a chair or a cake, as the company has suggested in recent ads, but rather a credit card with similar drawbacks and incentives for users.


Facebook has become a kind of currency for the digital world, not unlike credit cards. A growing number of websites and apps require a Facebook account to use –- or at least to get — the full experience. And just as not having a credit history may hurt your chances when being considered for big purchases like a house or car, not having a Facebook profile may raise red flags when being evaluated by new acquaintances, potential roommates or even recruiters for jobs.


Facebook isn’t a chair or a cake — as the company has suggested in its first-ever advertising campaign — it’s a credit card. That may not have quite the same positive ring to it, but it’s arguably a better message to send investors as it speaks to the strength of the company’s business model in the long run. The bigger the downside to leaving Facebook, the less likely it is to suffer the same fate as MySpace — even if it takes away its users’ voting rights or starts to bombard users with ads.

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More Teens Use Tumblr than Facebook | MediaPost

More Teens Use Tumblr than Facebook | MediaPost | Building the Digital Business |

Could Facebook ever go the way of MySpace? Given its ubiquity and continued growth around the world, that may seem unlikely, but here’s an interesting fact to consider: more 10th graders are using Tumblr than Facebook, according to a survey of 1,038 teens and young adults conducted by blogger and techie Garry Tan.


Tan used Survata to poll 546 teens ages 13-18 and 492 young adults ages 19-25 about their social media usage. Tan found that while 55% of the younger age group said they use Facebook, 61% said they use Tumblr. Meanwhile 22% said they use Twitter, 21% use Instagram, and 13% use Snapchat....

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, January 9, 2013 7:12 PM

This was a really interesting stat and good reminder to consider the demographic differences between each social media channel you're considering as part of a program...

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