Masdar City, Abu Dhabi: Zero-Waste, Carbon-Neutral & Car-Free | smart cities |

Rising in the desert outside of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City will be the world’s most sustainable metropolis with no cars (or skyscrapers) allowed. The development is a project of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and has been largely designed by Foster & Partners.


Solar, wind and geothermal sources will fuel the city – sun-powered desalination plants will provide fresh water for inhabitants, which will in turn be recycled. Practicing what it embodies on multiple levels, this new urban area aims to be the definitive region for developing green energy and researching clean technology.


The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has already been built and more structures are on the way. By 2025, the target population should be up to 50,000 within the walkable 2.3 square-mile perimeter currently planned for development.

Via Lauren Moss