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How To Make a Hotdog - A Marketing Lesson

The best Hotdog recipe video! Planning on making some Hotdogs? Watch this video! Today I show you how to make my world famous hotdogs. These hotdogs are extr...
craig daniels's insight:

The video is a simple and some might even say a great example of how to create engaging content to promote your small business.

The goal is to be talked about right? So why not create some craziness that makes your customers and the search engines smile. Who knows it might go viral, this one minute video has received over 2.5 millions views in 6 months..

And just to be clear, I'm completely serious about small businesses using this example as a template for creating some very creative videos for marketing.  Think about it....

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Scooped by craig daniels!

What's The Secret Recipe for Viral Content Marketing Success?

What's The Secret Recipe for Viral Content Marketing Success? | Small Business On The Web |
We know that content marketing is one of the best ways to engage with audiences and potential customers online. But what happens when a business has tried content marketing and has seen few returns?

"What if you don’t have years; don’t have the time, energy, or budgets to create compelling content on a regular basis; or simply need to build an audience fast? The answer is this: you must create something viral; content that can spread in a way that creates massive attention. Content that will boost you above the writhing masses, and make others take notice."

craig daniels's insight:

What if you don't have years? The heck with that, what if you don't have any appreciable time at all. If your like most small businesses you need a steady stream of action and growth yesterday, the luxury of waiting for results doesn't exist for you.

Kelsey Libert lays out one of the best explanations of how content marketing may go viral, and how emotions may be the determining factor of viral success.

Libert deftly winds us through the maze of viral content marketing but beware this is not a walk through the park where you'll learn and understand everything in 5 minutes. Stick with it and you'll find lots of gems.

Step 1: Understanding the truth about your competition

Step 2: Engagement is good, but viral is better

Step 3: Understanding what it means to “go viral"

Step 4: Creating content with a viral coefficient above 1

Step 5: Decreasing viral cycle time

Step 6: The limitations of virality and the importance of audience.

Step 7: Considerations for fractal virality

Take this with you: Be Willing To Fail

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