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Oreo's "Dunk In The Dark" Strategy - Newsjacking Comes Of Age.

Oreo's "Dunk In The Dark" Strategy - Newsjacking Comes Of Age. | Small Business On The Web |
News organizations have always had to react to current events in real timeand increasingly brands are learning to operate in a similar way.

"there are several key themes that can be immediately leveraged from the “newsroom” approach that all brands can embrace now, to not only help engage audiences with breakthrough content, but more importantly, to ensure they remain an active and ongoing part of the cultural dialogue."

craig daniels's insight:

Newsjacking is a phrase that is being used less and less as marketers continue to try and clean up their image from one of unethical purveyors of junk to hero's of information distribution.

Real-Time-Marketing or Newsjacking, the name does not matter what matters is being tuned into what's going on right now, what happening in this moment. And once you tap into the "right now" you push out content into the world that ties into the moment.

The basic tenet is to hitch a ride on the breaking news story in hopes of benefiting your clients brand awareness and bottom line.

Newsjacking may be an art but expect to get your hands dirty because to do it well takes a lot of work.

Read more about the Newsjacking trend...

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Opportunity Arising - Newsjacking To The Rescue

Opportunity Arising - Newsjacking To The Rescue | Small Business On The Web |
Newsjacking, a type of content marketing, places the emphasis on breaking news events rather than how-tos or technical information and rides the wave of existing demand to get well-earned backlinks and branded mentions.

"For example, a high profile fire in a historic building could be used by a construction company to highlight the importance of local code and inspections. A bank robbery could be used by a home security company to discuss the merits of a reliable security system. In both cases, working in a natural sentence that highlights the company’s position will not be difficult."

craig daniels's insight:

Who among us is not looking around corners for opportunities to increase our rankings and visibility in search results? I'd look under couches and in dust bins if I thought winning search opportunities were hanging out there.

Newsjacking is a bit like lifting up a couch looking for a marketing opportunity. Keeping our eyes on what's going on in our local and worldwide areas may expose the perfect opportunity to promote our product or service.

Newsjacking is not a new concept but with the speed of today's news we can now jump on an opportunity like never before and while connecting ourselves to a tragedy is not a great idea, there are plenty of other things going on that we can embed our products and services into.

If the new community center gets painted Orange and we have an OJ franchise than let's publicly congratulate them on their choice of color. After all, we know a good color when we see it.

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Is Newsjacking - A Fresh Approach to Promotion & Advertising?

Is Newsjacking - A Fresh Approach to Promotion & Advertising? | Small Business On The Web |
Ahh - the smell of business rebellion in the morning. There's a new kid in town and I fancy her and her wicked business ways. She's called newsjacking, and I believe it's something ...

"Is this the future of commercials — An expression in real-time that is based on the current state of the world? Are commercials becoming a way to express your feelings as a company surrounding a given event?"

craig daniels's insight:

Its in the news more and more and the talking-heads can't seem to talk about it enough. Have you heard about Newsjacking as a tool for your business?

Newsjacking is not something that just fell from the sky fully formed, no it's been around as long as advertising has existed. A great example of newsjacking is the annual sales department stores have surrounding national holidays but the current wave of newsjacking is different.

The New Newsjackers are poised to utilize guerrilla tactics to get their message across, it's as if they are sitting in front of a news feed and writing ad copy at the same time. Newsjacking takes the old academic saying " publish of perish" to a whole new level.

To be successful newsjackers need to be lightening quick and more than a little bit thick skinned as they will need to step on convention as well as a few toes. A top notch newsjacker can't be afraid of offending the sensibilities of some or many, the point is to have the ad seen and talked about.

A newsjacker is jonesing for the perfect storm between news and good taste... It's all in the eye of the beholder, right?

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Curated by craig daniels
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