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Is Your Content Getting Outside of YOUR Musuem? Discovery Place Charlotte

Is Your Content Getting Outside of YOUR Musuem? Discovery Place Charlotte | Small Business On The Web |
Discovery Place, Charlotte’s Science Museum, is a family-friendly attraction with fun educational events, shows, IMAX, 3D films and live animals.

Marty Note
In Charlotte for the Search Exchange Conference and saw an interesting idea at lunch. The Charlotte Discovery Museum puts exhibits out on the sidewalk.

What a concept. Everyday at lunch thousands stream by the museum. Instead of staying locked up in their box they bring cool exhibits out to the sidewalk.

The relevant question is what are you doing  to move your online content and community metaphorically out to the sidewalk? Here are my favorite ways to go to the people:

* Conferences and events.
* Meetups and classes.
* Find the _______ to win __________ (these modern treasure hunts have exploded on social / mobile web).
* Free Consulting Sundays (promise to bring these back soon).
* Free Lunch Fridays (have lunch on a Hangout & invite anyone interested in your topic. Be sure to schedule cool topics.
* Meet ___________ at _____________ If you can get Seth Godin to come hangout with you do so. If not think who you can hangout with & invite others.
* Startup Weekends & Hackathons.
* Online "telethons" (stolen from my friend Gregory Ng).

* Ride a bicycle across America (NOT recommended lol).
* Speak at conferences like Phil is at SearchEx and I am at FedEx Ecom Strategies Conference in Raleigh tomorrow.

What about you? How to you get your act out and on the road. What do you like to do to add a sense of touch and reality to your virtual identity?

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Scooped by craig daniels!

Empty Space Is Key To Offline Marketing

Empty Space Is Key To Offline Marketing | Small Business On The Web |
Offline Marketing is about filling Empty Space with your message. Look around for new and exciting space for offline marketing opportunities

"See Empty Space as Opportunity. It’s all around just waiting for you to plug into it."

"The fact is that only your imagination restricts your offline link strategy. Coming up with creative ideas will increase your appeal and draw more people to your website. Find ways to connect common marketing promos to your business specifically and you will get more value for your promotional budget."

craig daniels's insight:

Ask yourself where do my customers hang out and what offline marketing tactics would my business benefit from in those areas.

Your customers might frequent sporting events or maybe they go out to eat 3 or 4 times a week. What matters is that they see or hear your message when they are out and about doing whatever it is they do.

One of my favorite Offline Marketing tactics is to hold some sort of customer appreciation event. The event could be at your business but it does not have to be, it could be at a community event. The point is that you focus on meeting and greeting as many of your customers as you can. Hire a caterer and help serve the food all the while chatting with your customers in line.

It may seem outdated to be shaking hand but actually what is old is new again. Few businesses go out of their way to network in person with their customers and if you take the lead you'll be out front.

Offline Marketing is a large piece of your marketing dollar, put it to work for you and your business with lots of creative spark.

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