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By Pawan Deshpande, CEO, HiveFire.  "Last year my company, HiveFire Inc., shared the results from our B2B Marketing Trends survey".


Here's what they found and found:


**82 percent are incorporating content curation


Click through to this recent post titled “Content May Be King” for more content curation definitions and trends.)


**The fact that this represents a notable increase (up from 48 percent) from the Content Curation Adoption survey that we issued earlier that year sent a strong message that curation is gaining favor amongst marketers.


For our Curation Habits Report, we analyzed over one million articles curated by our customers to identify:


which curation methods drive the highest engagement rates and identified some interesting trends.


Here are a few things they found:


Original Content vs. Third-Party Content


On average, approximately 87 percent of curated content are third-party articles and 13 percent are original content.


**Additionally, on sites where there is a mix of original and third-party content


**original content receives approximately 17 percent more click-thru activity 


**Curated sites that have between 16-30 percent original generate the most pageviews.


Capturing Reader Attention


Throughout the analysis, it became clear that there are several ways that curators can draw attention to their content.


**For starters, articles that included a picture generated 47 percent more click-thru activity than articles without. 


Medium snippets (between 141 and 1,200 characters) generate 20 percent more click-thru activity than small snippets (140 characters or less) for any given curated site.


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