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Medieval Fair in Ljubljana, 20 May

Medieval Fair in Ljubljana, 20 May | Slovenian Genealogy Research |

One of the most popular Slovenia's Medieval Festivals.


The forthcoming Medieval Fair (20 May 2012), conceived as an open-air living history event, will try to evoke an authentic medieval atmosphere in the midst of Ljubljana Old Town. Stalls at the fair will be selling medieval objects, food and drinks.

The fair will be accompanied by demonstrations of medieval handicraft techniques and nowadays unusual practices such as bloodletting using leeches, medieval dentistry, torture, etc. Accompanying events will also include creative workshops offering visitors an opportunity to try their hand at various handicrafts, and a theatre show featuring medieval buffoons.

The Official Travel Guide by Slovenian Tourist Board

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L'évolution des frontières de la France


Development of French borders: for a short period of time (1809-1813) the Illyrian provinces were established with the capital Ljubljana - the nowadays capital of Slovenia.


Razvoj meja Francije: za kratek čas (1809-1813) so obstajale Ilirske province z glavnim mestom Ljubljano, današnjo prestolnico Slovenije.

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Monumental Prešeren square in Ljubljana

Monumental Prešeren square in Ljubljana | Slovenian Genealogy Research |

Would you like to know, where a monument of famous Slovenian poet France Prešeren stands? In Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, on Prešeren square. (fast and easy street viewing) - can display, where this is located. Just start typing an address: "Ljubljana Prešernov trg" and streetview or satellite images start filling your screen. Many Slovenian towns have Prešeren's square, for example, there is one in Novo mesto.


This tool is very useful also for searching your ancestors' homes and other not known locations.

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Cemetery Žale in Ljubljana, Slovenia - Grave search

Cemetery Žale in Ljubljana, Slovenia - Grave search | Slovenian Genealogy Research |

Žale javno podjetje; Grave search by name and showing the location on the map.


"Type in the name and surname and click search. If you get too many search results, you can also search by the year of birth/death.

For older data it is possible that the year of birth/death does not exist. In this case please search using only the name and surname.

To show a grave’s position on the map, select by clicking on one person. If you would like to print or see a bigger map, click "Preview"."

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