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  The early 1900s gazetteer of Austria-Hungary

These pages provide the names found in the Gemeindelexikon, the multi-volume gazetteer of the Habsburg Empire published between 1903 and 1908. Based on the census of 1900 these volumes contain wealth of information about the K. u. K. Monarchy. The Kingdom of Hungary (with Croatia) and Bosnia-Herzegovina is not part of the series. If you are interested in Hungary you might check three other gazetteers from the same era: 1877, 1882 and 1913 gazetteers of Hungary. The 1877 (Dvorzsák) is available at BUY, as well: vol. 1 and vol. 2.

These books have been scanned and put into a digital collection by the Harold B. Lee University Library of Salt Lake City's Brigham Young University.

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