Great Ideas Bosses Never Hear - Employees have a lot to say. But they rarely say them. | SkyeTeam: Leadership-Matters |
Companies need to listen more to employees' ideas, but employees also may have to change the way they present their ideas to be heard. What managers and bosses should do to put more good ideas to work.


How often do you have an idea that you want to tell your boss, or your boss's boss, or your boss's boss's boss, and actually say it? And more important, if you do say it, how often do you feel the boss really listens?


In too many companies, the answer to both of those questions is, at best, "hardly ever."


It's a shame. Leaders need to hear from employees on the front lines—those who interact with customers, who collaborate across organizational boundaries or with suppliers, who face the challenges of developing new products. Many of these employees have relevant things to say. But they don't speak up, either because they fear repercussions or they think it's pointless.


It's not easy opening up those lines of communication, to structure things so that good ideas can flow from bottom to top and quickly become a reality. The responsibilities rest with the employees, the bosses and the organization. More specifically:

Via The Learning Factor, Roy Sheneman, PhD, David Hain