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Rescooped by Margareta from Sharing Information literacy ideas!

Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information

Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information | Skolbiblioteket och lärande |
An essential part of online research is the ability to critically evaluate information. This includes the ability to read and evaluate its level of accuracy, reliability and bias. When we recently as

Via Elizabeth E Charles, Anita Vance, Elizabeth Hutchinson
Deborah Rinio's curator insight, April 9, 11:28 AM

Evaluating information is a critical life skill. Without sufficient practice, our students will not internalize this skill, and will not remember it from lesson to lesson. Talk to you librarian today about integrating the process of evaluating information into your research projects and lesson plans today!

Elizabeth Hutchinson's curator insight, April 9, 1:18 PM

Interesting article showing what school  librarians teach every day, if they get the chance...

liz deskins's curator insight, April 29, 9:09 AM

Something m ost librarians already do; but good to remind us about it!

Rescooped by Margareta from School Libraries and the importance of remaining current.!

Leadership: School Librarian Evaluation QRv30n2p24.pdf

Via Floyd Pentlin, Elizabeth Hutchinson
Elizabeth Hutchinson's curator insight, January 26, 2:02 PM

Great assessment too for school librarians included in this report. 

Linda Mercer's curator insight, January 28, 1:42 PM

Looks good!!