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Källkritik och informationskompetens
Här kommer ni att hitta fortbildningsresurser som kan komma till nytta i undervisningen. Lärresurserna handlar huvudsakligen om källkritik, Internet, informationssökning, CC och nätsäkerhet.
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Preparing our students for Web 3.0 learning

How do we prepare out students for Web 3.0 learning? This slide show by Judy O'Connell provides us an opportunity to look back in time, from what we might refer to as Web 0 and the journey to where we are today and where we are heading. Many define Web 2.0 as the social web. Web 3.0 will be defined by data, and the ability to link data in new ways. Many excellent resources are embedded within this slide show, so find some time to pull up your chair and learn more about what the future may hold.

Via Beth Dichter
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Mobile is the Needle, Social is the Thread: How Information Today is woven into our lives

Pew Research center slide show on information in our lives

Via Judy O'Connell, Lourense Das
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