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The sketchnote revolution - Dachis Group

The sketchnote revolution - Dachis Group | SKETCHNOTING |

Sketchnotes are a visual form of note-taking that can include drawings, various lettering sizes and styles, color, icons, arrows, boxes and more — whatever works for you. I’d say that sketchnoting is officially a movement  (...). And the best part? You don’t have to be a creative genius to do it. It’s called Sketchnoting, not Art School.

Enter sketchnotes. They help make work and learning fun again.

Via Ariana Amorim
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Visual Note-Taking

Visual Note-Taking | SKETCHNOTING |

"As should be the case, there is ongoing discussion among educators about the skills that should be taught to their learners. One such skill is note-taking. Note-taking is typically classified as a study skill and taught as it has been through the history of institutionalized education – the outline."


"The purpose of this post is to encourage educators of learners of all ages to their students how to take visual notes. By providing learners with the skills to do so, this adds choice for how they take notes and process information. What follows are some videos and articles that provide rationale and instructional tips for visual note taking."

Via Ariana Amorim, Jose Luis Anzizar
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