Singing for Absolute Beginners
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Singing for Absolute Beginners
Singing Insights by Esther Danmeri
Curated by Esther Danmeri
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The mechanics of singing | Learn To Play Music

The mechanics of singing | Learn To Play Music | Singing for Absolute Beginners |
Esther Danmeri's insight:

This article gives a good general introduction to how the voice works. There are however a few sentences that need further comment:


'A singing breath usually starts with the diaphragm muscle and travels upward from there' In my view this phrase doesn't need to include any reference to the diaphragm and may well confuse the issue for people who are unclear as to what the diaphragm does and how it is related to singing.


'The air then flows over the vocal cords which are activated by a message from the brain' I would prefer to use the word 'through' when talking about the movement of air in relation to the vocal cords (or even better vocal folds as they are indeed folds of tissue) as it helps most people visualise the process more clearly. I would also add that the flow of air draws the vocal folds closer together and then apart again, effectively 'chopping' the air into lots of tiny puffs. Most people are amazed to understand how the process actually works and that the vocal folds of a female singer who can go really high (top C) would 'chop' the air 1046.5 times in a second while singing that tone!

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