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Scooped by Ana Maria Olivares!


Readlang | Simplezas |
The online eReader for language learners. Import other websites or novel length texts and read them in a distraction free environment with one-click translation. After reading, review the new vocabularly with spaced repetition flashcards.
timsbox's curator insight, June 4, 2013 4:52 AM

Le principe est génial ! 

Vous lisez un texte en anglais (n'importe quel texte trouvé sur le web qui vous intéresse), vous cliquez sur les mots difficiles pour avoir une traduction immédiate, puis vous pouvez réviser les mots sélectionnés !

Ce n'est pas très ludique mais très efficace.

En plus, c'est gratuit...


Adapté pour adultes et collégiens ...

Steve Ridout's comment, June 4, 2013 5:06 AM
Hey, Steve here, creator of Readlang. Very happy to see it shared here! It is already somewhat mobile friendly, in that the design adapts to smaller screens, and I use it on my iPad all the time. I hope eventually to develop iOS and Android applications too.
Patricia Daniels's curator insight, June 4, 2013 9:35 AM

Students, I've just tested this myself and it's a useful tool. Apparently it's also becoming more mobile compatible, which will be a postive development. There's an introduction video so watch it first and see if it's a tool that you'll put to use. I've added the extension to Chrome.


You can upload webpages for reading and if you're unsure of a word, click on it for the translation. This will appear in your word bank as a flashcard with some text ( this provides you with the context which is an intelligent feature). You can then run through your list of flashcards and learn the words. Remember to put them in context when you are doing your practice as this will help you retain them.


Try it for yourself.

Rescooped by Ana Maria Olivares from Un vistazo de la actividad cultural peruana!

SIENTEMAG – Arte Cultura Vida » » Encuentro de danza contemporánea peruana suiza

SIENTEMAG – Arte Cultura Vida » » Encuentro de danza contemporánea peruana suiza | Simplezas |




Este 2013 llega el encuentro Perú-Suiza de danza bilateral entre la compañía peruana Integro y la compañia suiza Prototype Statut que abre la temporada cultural.

Via parislima
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