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ITALY: Terrorism: Islamic cell identified six arrests

Operation of the ROS, the arrested showed a fierce anti-Semitism and hatred for the countries 'infidels' including the United States and Italy.

A cell of Islamic based in Italy (Puglia, Lombardy and Sicily) and in Belgium and close contacts with prominent personalities of international terrorism was wiped out by the Carabinieri of Ros who performed 6 custody orders issued by prosecutors in Bari are an association of international terrorism and incitement to racial hatred.

  Those arrested, it has been known for now, would be of Moroccan nationality and Tunisia. The survey is conducted by Deputy Public Prosecutor of Bari Renato Nitti and was launched in 2007, through the monitoring of certain activities of migrants and holding an eye on their call center and internet corner.

  The six arrested inciting jihad and suicide bombings in the West and in war zones. The investigation has revealed a widespread proselytizing and indoctrination to new affiliates in which it was carried out also with audio and video urging to take suicidal actions.

  According to surveys of members of the cell had very close relations with important personages of international terrorism and on several occasions had shown a rabid anti-and an aversion to the countries 'infidels' including the United States and Italy..

Hamdan Communication's insight:

Terrorist sleeping cells, with internationnal connections, discovered in Italy 

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GOVERNMENT&PRIVACY: Evolving Anti – Surveillance Awareness

Article, questions government right to spy on citizines, even not suspects.

Hamdan Communication's insight:

Recently, Americans have witnessed a barrage of scandals regarding the federal government’s extension of their surveillance powers. Following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations—which of course point to the National Security Agency’s spy programs and the FISA Court’s endorsement of broad domestic-surveillance policies—the American citizenry’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy has taken center stage. The truth of these invasive and unconstitutional policies is giving rise to further argument, and laying ground for a practical forum to engage elected officials to more clearly define citizens’ rights in the digital era.

Yet, while Americans are engrossed in the debate over whether or not their government should be allowed to collect and examine the online data of citizens en masse, particularly without suspicion of criminal activity, the vehicle by which these revelations came to light—journalism—is now also under attack.

Journalists are realizing that they are also on the front line in the ‘ war on privacy ‘ with whistleblowers, activists and hacktivist groups like Anonymous. Recently, the FBI declared victory over Anonymous in a series of statements claiming the hacker collective is no longer able to carry out large, successful operations because most of its “largest players” have been arrested or detained by US law enforcement authorities.

The FBI’s claims about dismantling Anonymous may be only instigating the collective further. OpLastResort, an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account, released on Friday what’s alleged to be the personal information pertaining to roughly 23,000 employees of the US Federal Reserve.

 OpLastResort @OpLastResort
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DRONES ENCOURAGING TERRORISM: How Drones Create More Terrorist



Hamdan Communication's insight:



Militants take advantage of fearful communities to draw new recruits.


Hassan Abbas


Recently, strong evidence has begun to suggest that terrorists use drone strikes as a recruitment tool. Of course, the value of drones in the arena of intelligence-gathering and secret surveillance of foes (and even friends) is unmistakable. In warzones too, it can support ground operations in significant and even decisive ways. None of this is controversial, though the ones on the receiving end will certainly not like it. What is debatable is its use as a counter-terrorism instrument in theaters that are not declared war zones, or in cases where a sovereign state is not fully and publicly on board with this policy. Lack of transparency in regulations that govern this new type of warfare, the unverifiable nature of targets, and questions over the credibility of intelligence only complicates the matter.


Mark Bowden's important contribution to the drone debate raises critical questions that policy makers will be wise to consider for the future use of this new tool of war. One of the important arguments mentioned in the piece revolves around the notion that drone strikes might be less provocative than ground assaults for terrorists, meaning that standard warfare might create more terrorists than drones do. Lets first accept what is obvious: more civilians are killed in standard warfare, and the history of warfare in the 20th century sufficiently proves the point. When it comes to drones strikes, the ratio of civilian deaths is certainly lower, but the issue is not about the number of civilian casualties alone. The inherently secret nature of the weapon creates a persistent feeling of fear in the areas where drones hover in the sky, and the hopelessness of communities that are on the receiving end of strikes causes severe backlash -- both in terms of anti-U.S. opinion and violence.


Response to drone strikes comes in many varieties. First, revenge is targeted at those within the easy range of the insurgents and militants. The victims of those revenge terrorist attacks also consider the drone strikes responsible for all the mayhem. Consequently, terrorists and ordinary people are drawn closer to each other out of sympathy, whereas a critical function of any successful counter-terrorism policy is to win over public confidence so that they join in the campaign against the perpetrators of terror. Poor public awareness -- which is often a function of inadequate education -- about terrorist organizations indeed plays a role in building this perspective. Public outrage against drone strikes circuitously empowers terrorists. It allows them space to survive, move around, and maneuver. Pakistan is a perfect example of this phenomenon.


Many in Pakistan now believe that drone strikes tend to motivate Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban to conduct terrorist attacks that target Pakistan's security forces as well as civilians. The duplicity of Pakistan's political and military elite in giving a green light to the U.S. drone policy proved to be counterproductive. The sponsors and supporters of drone strikes in U.S. policy circles apparently ignored the wider socio-political impact and indirect costs when evaluating its efficacy.


Supporters of drone strikes are only grudgingly acknowledging now that affiliates of Al-Qaeda are alive and kicking in various parts of the world, even though its founder is dead and its top layer of leadership is disabled and dysfunctional. Drone strikes that specifically target hardcore terrorists can work effectively provided they are supported by a parallel public relations endeavor that challenges the ideas projected by those terrorists.


Terrorists and their misguided sympathizers often expose and market civilian casualties -- particularly women and children -- quite effectively. Meanwhile, those who direct and authorize these strikes rarely provide any justification and rationale for it. This is simply seen as arrogance by those whom the U.S. expects to be on their side in this battle.


The crux of my viewpoint is that drone attacks cannot be compared to "boots on ground" operations. They are two different methods of battling enemies. Wars are mainly about national interests -- resources, territory, the balance of power, and religion. Drone strikes directed at terrorists perform a comparable but different role. In battling terrorism, physical elimination of the enemy matters but is not decisive. Hitting at the mindset of the terrorist and discrediting the ideas that generate terrorism is the big prize. A law enforcement action that flows out of a "rule of law" paradigm, involving meticulous investigations and prosecution in courts, is likely to be far more damaging for the ideas that terrorists stand for. Limited and internationally regulated use of drones targeting the most wanted terrorists can be a part of this comprehensive approach -- it may take longer to deliver, but it will be more sustainable and the results will be more durable.

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Offensive Cyber Security taught by Chinese Professor....

Offensive Cyber Security taught by Chinese Professor.... | Silent on Jihad |

Via Red-DragonRising
Red-DragonRising's curator insight, July 31, 2013 9:30 AM

Taught by a Chinese profesor - learn Offensive Cyber Security from the Master....Prof. Xiuwen Liu (homepage:

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Operation Hangover, the Indian Cyberattack Infrastructure

Operation Hangover is the title of a report published by Norman Shark that details a sophisticated cyberattackinfrastructure that appears to originate from India, conducted by private threat actors with no evidence of state-sponsorship.

Operation Hangover, this is the name assigned by Norman Shark’s security analyst team to an interesting report revealing a large and sophisticated cyber-attack infrastructures that appears to have originated from India.
The cyber attacks have primary purpose of cyber espionage, they seem to be conducted by private entities over a period of three years. The attacks are still ongoing and there is no evidence of state-sponsored commitment, even if principal security experts are convinced that we are facing with a a government intelligence operation.

The concerning news is that the cyber espionage campaign Operation Hangover is still ongoing gathering information from national security targets and private sector companies mostly based in Pakistan and in the United States.


The story begun on March 17th, when a Norwegian newspaper revealed that Telenor, Norway’s major telecommunications company,  denounced to the authorities an unlawful computer intrusion, the attack was malware based and Norman Shark analyst team revealed that many other similar intrusions hit the company.

The Norman Shark’s team discovered that hackers of Operation Hangover used spear phishing emails targeting senior management of corporate and government institutions.

“Spear phishing to carefully-selected target individuals was the primary attack vector identified in the investigation. The attackers went to great lengths to make the social engineering aspects of the attack appear as credible and applicable as possible. In many cases, decoy files and websites were used, specifically geared to the particular sensibilities of regional targets including cultural and religious subject matter. Victims would click on what appeared to be an interesting document, and begin the long-running infection cycle.” Report states." 

Hamdan Communication's insight:

Analyzing IP addresses used by cyber criminals it appears that victims are located in more than a dozen countries, the claim that they are originate from India is based on analysis of IP addresses, website domain registrations and text-based identifiers contained within the malware used for attacks.

The malicious code used in the Operation Hangover campaign relied on various well-known previously identified vulnerabilities in popular software applications and browsers, such as Java and Word documents.

But how is it possible that well know vulnerabilities are exploited for a massive cyber espionage campaign?

The fact that the Operation Hangover was successful suggests that government organizations, defense and private businesses do not properly manage the update of their systems exposing them to serious risks. Snorre Fagerland, head of research for Norman Shark labs in Oslo, Norway declared:

“The data we have appears to indicate that a group of attackers based in India may have employed multiple developers tasked with delivering specific malware,” “The organization appears to have the resources and the relationships in India to make surveillance attacks possible anywhere in the world. What is surprising is the extreme diversity of the sectors targeted, including natural resources, telecommunications, law, food and restaurants, and manufacturing. It is highly unlikely that this organization of hackers would be conducting industrial espionage for just its own purposes—which makes this of considerable concern.”

The words of Fagerland leave no doubt, a group of hackers is targeting with sophisticated techniques an extreme diversity of the sectors, the investigation is still ongoing by international authorities.


The security analysts at Norman Shark evidenced a professional project management approach used for the campaign and the outsourcing of key tasks.

 “Something like this has never been documented before,” “This type of activity has been associated primarily with China over the past several years but to our knowledge, this is the first time that evidence of cyber espionage has shown to be originating from India,” commented Fagerland on code outsourcing and on the fact that hackers exploited well known flaws in popular applications.

Cyber espionage is becoming one of the most frequent activities in cyberspace, its actions can cause devastating effects on entire economies and identify campaigns is becoming more and more complicated, but in cases like this the failure to update the target system has certainly contributed to the success of operations.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Cyber espionage)

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New statement from Salafīyyah Jihādīyyah in the Sinai: “Regarding the Kidnapping of the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai”

New statement from Salafīyyah Jihādīyyah in the Sinai: “Regarding the Kidnapping of the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai” | Silent on Jihad |
New statement from Salafīyyah Jihādīyyah in the Sinai: “Regarding the Kidnapping of the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai”.
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CIA Troublemaking in Caucasus

CIA Troublemaking in Caucasus | Silent on Jihad |
Wayne Madsen | It is clear that the CIA requires reforming if not outright abolishment.
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Answering Muslims: Libyan Cleric Issues Fatwa Against U.N. Women's Rights Document

Answering Muslims: Libyan Cleric Issues Fatwa Against U.N. Women's Rights Document | Silent on Jihad |
Libyan Cleric Issues Fatwa Against U.N. Women's Rights Document: But I thought that Islam ... #jihad #islam #tcot

Via The Muslim Issue
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Arab Spring to Arab Firestorm: Parag Khanna on the Revolutions and the ... - Knowledge@Wharton

Arab Spring to Arab Firestorm: Parag Khanna on the Revolutions and the ... - Knowledge@Wharton | Silent on Jihad |

For many Middle East observers, the promise of the Arab Spring revolutions faded with the ascendancy of Islamist parties to political power. But noted geopolitical academic and author Parag Khanna sees it as a triumph of democratization. As he tells Arabic Knowledge@Wharton, "constant low-level turbulence is better for general resilience than having a very hierarchal system that totally collapses every several decades."

Via jean lievens
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Women across the globe stand against “sexual terrorism” of Egypt protesters

Women across the globe stand against “sexual terrorism” of Egypt protesters | Silent on Jihad |

Across the globe, women of all walks are in protest mode against what has been repeatedly described as “sexual terrorism” _________________________________________________________

Across the globe, women of all walks are in protest mode against what has been repeatedly described as “sexual terrorism” and mob attacks against Egyptian female protesters over the past few months. From Stockholm to New York to Cairo and in over 30 other cities, women are banding together to demand an end to the sexual assaults that have rocked the country in recent weeks.


Dubbed “Global Protest Feb. 12” activists are hopeful that it will begin to send a message to the Egyptian government that more action is needed to combat this rising and daily affliction of the North African country’s society.


Numerous women’s rights organizations have already announced their participation, which will see activists in over 30 cities across the globe take to Egyptian consulates and embassies as well as demonstrations in Egypt to voice their frustration at the rising violence directed toward women in the country while protesting.


“We, citizens of all nationalities all around the world, will not watch in silence the spreading epidemic of sexual terrorism. We want to show our support, solidarity and admiration for the assaulted who paid the price of the ongoing Egyptian revolution with their own flesh, and to the heroic volunteers who are risking their lives for a safe Tahrir,” wrote The Uprising of Women in the Arab World in coordination with the global day of protest.


It comes after reports of women being stripped and attack with knives in Tahrir Square in what activists have described to as the “final straw” in the “ongoing battle for women’s rights and safety in Egypt.”


SASFOR's curator insight, February 12, 2013 11:03 PM

You may be interested in.....


"We, citizens of all nationalities all around the world, will not watch in silence the spreading epidemic of sexual terrorism. We want to show our support, solidarity and admiration for the assaulted who paid the price of the ongoing Egyptian revolution with their own flesh, and to the heroic volunteers who are risking their lives for a safe Tahrir."

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Young, connected and Muslim | In-Depth Analysis | Marketing Week

Young, connected and Muslim | In-Depth Analysis | Marketing Week | Silent on Jihad |
Muslim consumers are a growing, influential and extremely loyal group, making them a desirable market for mainstream brands. But reaching them requires more than launching Sharia-compliant products.

Via Insights Curator, The Muslim Issue
Insights Curator's curator insight, January 30, 2013 7:44 PM

The young and connected futurists. A peek into the needs of the young and restless.

The Muslim Issue's curator insight, February 23, 2013 5:25 PM

Muslim consumers are "growing". In other words, more of them are pouring into the country.

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BANNED CLUSTER BOMBS FROM USA WITH LOVE: US to Saudi Arabia: Have Some Cluster Bombs

Cluster bombs are banned by 83 nations. The world recoiled in horror when it learned that Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad’s forces have killed children with such weapons.

But that isn’t stopping the U.S. military from selling $640 million worth of American-made cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, despite the near-universal revulsion at such weapons, and despite the fact that relations between the two countries haven’t been entirely copacetic of late.

Cluster bombs spit out dozens, even hundreds, of micro-munitions in order cover a wide area with death and destruction. These weapons are used for killing large groups of people, destroying thinly-skinned vehicles and dispensing landmines or poison gas. Some of the Soviet-made incendiary cluster bombs used by Assad’s forces during Syria’s civil war are even designed to light buildings on fire and then explode after sitting on the ground for a while — thereby killing anyone who gets close enough to try to extinguish the flames.

Hamdan Communication's insight:

Banned cluster bombs, from U.S.A TO SAUDI ARABIA..."Cash and Carry" with, love

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Author, sees MB attitude and thinking resemble that of Jews.


Hamdan Communication's insight:


by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat “MB literature is monochromically Jewish, so when they are forced to think, for masonic-like groups usually don’t, they don’t think differently … they think Jewish”                         

Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood

Aside from “ Judaism rejects Zionism” cliché, a lot of Islamist fundamentalist groups subscribe to the same logo and add that Islam also rejects Zionism … but when the going gets tough, most of them, as in the MB video we are going to view, adopt the Zionist very mindset and approach.

The video we’re going to discuss has been uploaded to YouTube and then blocked by YouTube, reposted and blocked once again over copyright infringement.

In the video, part of a shooting session is being filmed of some Muslim Brotherhood’s crisis actors, playing the wounded and dead in the vicinity of Raba Adawia Square, the place of their notorious and violent occupy movement, also known in the west as the peaceful MB sit-in at Nasser City, Cairo

I’ve been doing some research so I could independently verify the content of this make-believe video.

Though it only took me a few seconds to identify the location in the video, still I played the footage to many of my friends from Cairo and they all have identified the location (Rabaa intersection) and specifically the street, at the entrance of which MB had built a barricaded gate that led to their sit-in at Nasser City suburb (you can easily notice that fortified gate at the background of the video)

I tried to contact the “Badil” news agency and TV which reported the video of the fake protest’s photo session.  I was told El Badil TV covered the MB sit-in and that this video was shot with others in a series of videos reporting the daily activities in the weird sit-in.

The media department head at El Badil TV, Mohamed Anwar, told me over the phone that what the MB actors were doing in front of the cameras was something very weird and when asked about it, MB replied they were filming a theatrical show- MB denounce cinema and theatrical works as illegitimate (Haram) according to their fundamentalist view of Islam.

And since I was talking to a man whose profession is filming commercials and doing video reports, he added that he believed this was a kind of phony propaganda the MB was working on, especially that most of the shots were close ups photos that could, with adding some after effect and Photoshop, yield a more dramatic effect.

In the shooting session of the fake photos, and according to a short script, the actors play phony protesters against the military. The phony protesters of men and women, they even have children on board, act like they were being attacked by police thugs during their noble struggle to reinstate Morsi, the ousted MB President.

The director, at the beginning of the video, shouts “action” … and off everybody goes as prearranged.

MB shooting session of fake protest photos

Some of the phony MB protesters/actors hold signs that read “NO SCAF” … “Morcy is the president for 4 years” … “Morcy is the beloved president” … “we are against coup” … “we’re gonna protest till the return of our legitimate president Morsy”

The noticeable thing about the signs is that none of them is written in Arabic, and I assure you that 90% of those actors can’t read those signs; the MB propaganda campaign was obviously targeting the west.

And moreover if this was some theatrical production, the signs should have been in Arabic, unless those MB talents were going to take their unique show all the way to Broadway.

MB knew that they were backed in the presidency by US and that if Morsi is to be reinstated, it is going to be the US & allies again who will help MB achieve that goal. There must be some catch behind that die-hard support.


The MB phony protesters/actors are in full make-up and accurately choreographed with the necessary props; some of them wear masks, to help them go through tear gas, and others hold signs and Egyptian flags and yes … others are holding their favorite tool of extortion (the Koran)

The phony session goes on as some play the wounded; some play like he has been hit by a bullet and another suffocated from the tear gas canisters … someone with a broken neck … and one decent-looking young girl in Hijab standing firm and holding the Koran (the Muslims’ holy book whose teachings prohibits cheating and lying and specially in the name of god)

But the master scene is performed by two ladies wearing black Niqab. One of them is lying on her back on the ground, obviously hit by some firearm from the ruthless police and military side. The dying MB lady in black is held by another lady also in black Niqab whose right palm is genuinely stained with blood-like color. 

And the moving touch in that master scene was added by another male MB in white coat, playing the first aid worker, kneeling down beside the dying lady in black and checking her weak pulse. But unfortunately it was too late to save the lady in black … and it was also too late to save the phony Muslim Brotherhood.


This phony session, some like to refer to as Pallywood, a terminology coined by Zionists to refute some of the counter-Israeli propaganda though I believe the Zionists are the pioneers in that genre.

And though I hate to use the term, yet I can’t help noticing the mindset similarity with the Zionism’ and its influence on the MB conduct and propaganda.

MB uses the same Zionist technique, the same phony tales and images, the same theme of over victimizing the Jews in their struggle to survive the unbearable persecution. MB even goes so far and so outrageous as to portray their dead being scorched by the Nazis, oops … I mean the Egyptian military.

Some, at this point, will furiously stop and say how dare you anti-Semite to compare MB to the Jews and how dare you discredit the Holocaust. My answer; the veracity of the Holocaust is not the subject of my piece, only the similarity of the Zionist and MB mindset due to a common theological underpinning.

You might not believe this, but we have video proof of it, and some of my medical colleagues have witnessed it during the evacuation of the MB sit-in; MB have ordered their members to bring over some of the bodies of their recently departed relatives to the sit-in days before the evacuation and as the police forces were raiding the Square the bodies in their coffin wrappings were being dragged out of the ice tanks to the center of the sit-in and set alight- so that they wouldn’t be recognized.

Watch video of MB sit-in where they Drag the dead bodies to the frontline, minutes before the Police raid.


Do you see where this is going; the persecution/the alleged coup, the sit in/concentration camps, the cremation ovens/scorched dead bodies … the whole Zionist propaganda, all the way down to the manipulated photos and tales!


Oh, of all the legacies, the MB is predominantly affected by the modern Zionist propaganda. Some will jump to the hasty conclusion that MB must have had been infiltrated by Mossad agents who orchestrated that Zionist–like scheme. I know some of the conspiracy theory addicts would just love it if I carried on with this film noir theme.

But I have to spoil their fun and say, don’t jump to the wrong conclusions. For a bunch of Muslim fundamentalists whose main dogma has deep roots in the Israelites’ tales and practices, the MB performance comes as no surprise to any scholar of comparative religion.

A Haredi group, ultraconservative orthodox Jews, would have acted in the same way and manner, had they been in the MB shoes. MB literature is monochromically Jewish, so when they are forced to think, for masonic-like groups usually don’t, they don’t think differently … they think Jewish.

In the MB group, as the case in any under-ground and closed clandestine group, membership and recruitment is primarily based on blind obedience and herd/mob mentality.

The foreign MSM has been talking about scorched bodies found buried under the rubble in the Rabaa Square. This was a brilliant touch that fooled the western media and actually did the job for MB in the US and Europe … but not for long, for the truth has started to unravel.


This is not a MB woman in Niqab, it is a Haredi Jew, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv


The truth … but what is the truth? A lot of people want to know the truth. People, especially foreigners, are confused and they can’t make head or tail of this Egyptian maze. In less than two years Egyptians have been taking to the streets; at first toppling Mubarak and then protesting against the military rule and lately unite with the same military to take down Morsi of the MB.

It’s a mess for most of those who are following the news bulletins but never manage to really understand what on earth is going on in Egypt?

The story is so simple, Mubarak was bad but the MB turned out to be much worse. Mubarak was a dictator but he was playing, albeit corruptibly, by the rules and norms of the civil state.

MB is playing their power grab game not according to civil rules or the internationally accepted codes of politics and democracy, albeit their Morsi won in an allegedly democratic election. But who said that democracy is only ballot boxes, especially in a country with high rates of  illiteracy and poverty.

MB plan was to take over Egypt, by any means, ballot boxes or any other way- the MB campaign of the so called first elected president threatened to burn up Egypt, had they not won the presidential elections during which they competed by religiously intimidating the needy and uneducated.

The MB slogan during the Egyptian presidential elections was powerful and self-explanatory; vote for Morsi, vote for Islam.

Police forces dispersing the MB sit-in

The MB presidential campaign workers and staff went about it, amongst the uneducated and poor majority, this way; if you voted Morsi, you’d go to heaven, and if you voted for Morsi’s opponent, you will definitely go to hell.

The Egyptian unrest and turmoil is the end result of mixing religion with the affairs of the state, a heavy price Egypt is paying right now. And if you took a wider look over the whole Middle East you’ll realize that this deadly mix is wreaking havoc across the whole region. Short sighted people get lost in the trivial details and fail to grasp this original cause. Allowing the clerics and extremists to stick their noses in politics is the mother of all evils.

European and American  policy makers and intelligence are damn well aware of that, but they will do nothing to prevent it though, for encouraging religious extremism and supporting it to rise to power is the magical key to control the strategic and wealthy Middle East and granting more legitimacy to the Jewish state of Israel.

Plus, a Middle East replete with extremism will be the focal point/hub for Jihadists from all over the world, thus purging the west of this foreboding Islamist menace.

MB members and militants, who are now crying over democracy and legitimacy, have undemocratically and coercibly equated Morsi with Islam. Is this democracy in the first place?  And how could we unseat a group/president who is allegedly ruling by the divine power of god almighty.

Another election can’t do the job, only a revolution could unseat this half-god president. Only a revolution embraced by Egypt’s national army could save the Egyptians from a religious fascism in the making.

In the peaceful MB sit-in – I wouldn’t be surprised if the west nominated MB for the Nobel peace prize, MB were not discussing politics or contemplating diplomatic means to negotiate with the interim government.

MB heads were inflaming the religious sentiments of their sit-in mob of gullible followers by the most outrageous distortion of Islamic teachings.

The Archangel Gabriel is praying with us in Rabaa mosque, a night vision revealed the prophet Mohamed praying behind president Morsi, another night vision revealed prophet Mohamed sleeping in the lap of one of the MB leaders and on the other thigh, sleeps President Morsi … and yes a prominent fundamentalist cleric issuing a fatwa that hilariously goes ‘ in the eyes of god, the ousting of President Morsi is far more hideous than the demolition of Kabaa (one of the most sacred sites for Muslims) … those are but a few of the hot topic that were being discussed in that peaceful sit-in.

Thus the MB sit-in evenings would usually start with this kind of fairy tales and end up, after being dangerously and religiously inflamed, by their militias raiding vital government and media buildings and indulging their hunger for retaliation and terrorism.

MB won the presidential election by a small margin and by terrorism (religious terrorism)

MB is an extremist group that has decided to take up arms, posing the threat of terrorism and civil war all over Egypt. MB terrorism is one of the most lethal and destructive, because it is a terror, like 911 and regardless of who really pulled it out, committed in the name of god.

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HOMEGROWN TERRORISM: FBI's Mueller warns of new generation of homegrown terrorist



Outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller warned that an increasing flow of U.S. citizens heading to Syria and elsewhere to wage jihad against regional powers could end up in a new generation of homegrown terrorists.


Officials at the FBI, and the U.S. intelligence community are stepping up efforts to monitor the number of American citizens heading to Syria and other hot spots across the globe.

The biggest threat is these individuals will become radicalized during their time overseas and return home with the intent of carrying out attacks inside the United States, Mueller said Friday.


"[When] you have individuals who are traveling to those venues you are concerned about ... the associations they will make and, secondly the expertise they will develop," Mueller said during an interview with ABC News.

"Whether or not they will utilize those associations, utilize that expertise, to undertake an attack upon the homeland" is why U.S. intelligence and federal law enforcement are tracking that flow closely.


Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers who carried out the deadly Boston Marathon bombing earlier this year, was radicalized after fighting alongside Islamic militants in Dagestan, Russia.


In March, Army veteran Eric Harroun was arraigned on federal conspiracy charges after allegedly fighting alongside al Qaeda factions in Syria.


Harroun reportedly traveled to Turkey last November and crossed the border into Syria and linked up with opposition forces led by al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat a- Nusra and members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in January, according to court documents.


Once in Syria, Harroun was trained to use rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons and then moved to the front lines of the war by his handlers in the FSA.

On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that the United States should strike an American-born al Qaeda spokesman “without hesitation” after the militant urged attacks against U.S. ambassadors across the globe.


“The use of lethal force against American citizen, al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn is appropriate and should be utilized without hesitation,” according to Graham.


“Adam Gadahn is an American citizen who has aligned himself

with al Qaeda. He should be considered an enemy combatant, not a common criminal,” the South Carolina Republican said.

In May, Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed that the U.S. has killed four American citizens in drone attacks, including Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Muslim cleric and his 16-year-old son.



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Greece: Muslims threatened to be ‘slaughtered like chickens’

Greece: Muslims threatened to be ‘slaughtered like chickens’ | Silent on Jihad |
Hamdan Communication's insight:

Note with Golden Dawn emblem printed on the paper says ‘there will be blood’ – Above the threatening note as published on the Muslim Association’s webpage

The Muslim Association of Greece says they received a threatening note giving all Muslims one month to leave the country or be ‘slaughtered like chickens’. The letter, as it appeared on the association’s webpage, has the Golden Dawn emblem printed on it

The Muslim Association of Greece on Friday received a threatening note giving all Muslims, Greeks and foreigners, one month’s time to evacuate the country or be “slaughtered like chickens”, according to a statement released by the association on Saturday.The note, published on the association’s webpage, is written in Greek, English and Arabic and the Golden Dawn emblem is printed on the paper.The anonymous author uses vulgar language against Muslims, threatening that if they do not leave the country “there will be blood”The association stresses that the note, which was posted via a central post office in Athens, is addressed to Muslims and not to immigrants, “and this indicates that the religious hatred against humans is undisguised.”The board of the Muslim Association calls on the Greek State “to make certain that all citizens are enjoying equal law and that we are not prey in every asymm

Below is the content of the note (Read at your own discretion)

 Muslim MurderersUntil June 30 you shut your bordela in Greece and you will go to hell.From July 1 onwards those who are still here will [be] slaughtered like chickens on the road.Islam F*** you, f*** you and the Koran f***ing your mothers.There will be blood.etric threat”.

US State Department expressed concern about rising anti-Semitism and racism as well as racist attacks after the election of extreme-right Golden Dawn to the Greek Parliament in June 2012.

The election of extreme right Golden Dawn members to Greece’s Parliament led to an increased expression of anti-Semitism in Greece in 2012.

Members of Golden Dawn, a political party openly espousing anti-Semitism and racism and linked to violent attacks against individuals perceived to be immigrants were elected to parliament.

The Greek government publicly condemned some anti-Semitic and racist incidents, though observers called on the authorities to do more to counter hate speech and the violent actions of Golden Dawn members.

There are reports of harassment and increasingly violent physical attacks against individuals perceived to be immigrants and refugees, many of whom were Muslim.


Expressions of anti-Semitism increased after voters elected members of Golden Dawn to parliament.

Golden Dawn’s official newspaper attacked the teaching of the Holocaust in schools and, on the occasion of a visit by the executive director of the American Jewish Committee, stated that the Jewish lobby and Zionism conspired against Greek wealth.

Some members of the Greek Orthodox clergy condemned violent attacks against immigrants, while others expressed their support for Golden Dawn.

Members of non-Orthodox religious groups reported incidents of societal discrimination. Members of the Muslim minority in Thrace were underrepresented in public sector employment, and no Muslim military personnel advanced to officer ranks.

The State Department notes also the lack of a mosque in Athens as well as the lack of an Islamic cemetery.

US State Department report on Greece here - ten pages on pdf

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Frozen promises

Frozen promises | Silent on Jihad |
STEPHEN HARPER, Canada’s prime minister, came to power in 2006 vowing to defend Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic by building three heavy icebreakers,...
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Syria, Russia, and the S-300: Military and Technical

Syria, Russia, and the S-300: Military and Technical | Silent on Jihad |
Intelligence ReportConcern that Russia intends to provide Syria with advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems was one of the reasons for Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to Russia last week. Th...
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Iran: Explosions rock Raja-Shimi Chemical Complex

Iran: Explosions rock Raja-Shimi Chemical Complex | Silent on Jihad |

Iran: Explosions rock Raja-Shimi Chemical Complex via @Iran_Policy @TodosConMarco @BarracudaMama @Politics_PR #iran

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Hamas funded by slave and organ trade

Sudanese and East African flesh peddlers aligned with Hamas terrorists are ransoming captives and engaging in the trade of human organs to buy weapons for jihad.  This information does not come fro...

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A year of uprisings and revolutions: uncertainty reigns in the Arab world

A year of uprisings and revolutions: uncertainty reigns in the Arab world | Silent on Jihad |
Ian Black reveals why the fate of the Arab world hangs in the balance...

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Indonesia's women radicals keep extremist networks going-analyst

Indonesia's women radicals keep extremist networks going-analyst | Silent on Jihad |
Authorities so caught up looking for extremists who carry out attacks that they forget about their wives - analyst


Some Muslim women in Indonesia are shedding their traditional background role by promoting pro-radical views online and even offering shelter to families of jailed extremists, Singapore-based paper theStraits Times reports.

One woman writing under the pseudonym Ummu Fauzi interviewed the wives of men convicted of terrorist acts and posted them on extremist websites “to highlight the ‘bravery’ of these wives,” said the report.

Noor Huda Ismail, a terrorism analyst and founder of the Institute for International Peace Building (YPP), said authorities often forget about the wives because they are too caught up looking for leaders of extremist networks.

“(The women) are the dot-connectors who play a crucial role to keep the networks going,” he was quoted as saying.

Ismail also told TrustLaw in an interview in 2011 that corruption in Indonesian jails stokes extremism and could lead to the emergence of new radicalist cells.

Since the 2002 bombings in the popular tourist island of Bali, Indonesia has arrested more than 800 people on extremism charges, and there have been no major attacks for almost four years.

Concerns remain, however, that terror cells may be regrouping.

According to the Straits Times, Ummu Fauzi has interviewed Madam Nusaibah, the wife of Abdullah Sonata, who was jailed for 10 years for planning mass attacks; and Madam Osama, the wife of Sheikh Omar Bakri, leader of a banned radical group in Britain with ties to al-Qaeda.

SASFOR's curator insight, February 12, 2013 11:12 PM

Radicalisation of Indonesian women is a very dangerous trend indeed.