The bling ring review
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The bling ring review
Sofia Coppola brings us this film, adaptation of the real life case of five Californian students, obsessed with fashion, media, parties and fame. This group, who is always catching up with the media and living in a luxury atmosphere, starts needing more and more luxuries in their life, so they start going into celebrities houses stealing expensive clothes, jewelry, and cash. This started as a game, when they realized that it was really easy. Doing that, they started to have best clothes, best parties, higher lifestyle and the fame where bigger and bigger every time. At the end, they are caught by the police going to jail, repairing all the damages they made. This film helps us to understand the way many adolescents live nowadays. Young people want to be always the most popular, wear the best clothes, have the best cars, and go to the best and private parties. Media, the most powerful channel to provoke this, helps encouraging the youth to be like the celebrities. It shows them, this celebrity’s lifestyle all the time, making the teenagers “understand” how it works and wanting to be like them. This movie shows us the example of young adults that wanted to have a higher lifestyle, being popular, wearing the best clothes. All of this was as easy as entering to the celebrities houses and steal from them. It was that easy that ended up going out of control ruining their lives, just for wanting a higher lifestyle and be famous.
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