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How to Be Healthy: 47 Quick Ways to Improve Your Well-Being Right Now

How to Be Healthy: 47 Quick Ways to Improve Your Well-Being Right Now | Share Some Love Today |

"Are you sick of all the conflicting health advice out there?


There’s article after article promising you quick and simple health tips, but all they give you is advice you’ve heard a hundred times before.


Learning how to be healthy isn’t easy, but it can be done one step at a time.

No big changes are needed...


These health tips are simple and quick, but some of them are a bit unconventional, so prepare yourself."


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Why Meditate?

Why Meditate? | Share Some Love Today |

French monk (and former scientist in cell genetics) Matthieu Ricard speaks about science, meditation, and his title as 'the happiest man in the world.'


"By activating some areas of the brain, you could possibly generate a sensation of intense pleasure for a while, but that’s not going to last forever. That’s definitely not happiness. It is just a temporary gimmick. Genuine happiness is a state related to wisdom, to being attuned to reality, and to freedom from mental toxins (hatred, craving, and the like). Pleasure by itself has no reason to engender freedom from ignorance, dualistic clinging, and distortion of reality (true causes of suffering). There is nothing wrong with pleasure in itself, but it does not have much to do with happiness."

Via Pamir Kiciman
INDIASPIRITUALITY's comment, April 13, 2012 12:40 PM
True, very true. Indian Doctrines says one to go beyond body, mind and soul (incarnated) and be the REAL SELF. As one progresses i this path, one experiences constant bliss and deep peace throughout the day. By meditating, one can be neutral and free from any bondage.

Meditation Is

Being At Peace With What Is


Transcending What IS

- Swami Sukhbodhananda
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Emotions Can Change Your DNA

Emotions Can Change Your DNA | Share Some Love Today |
Scientific evidence in the last half century clearly shows that your emotions, the good ones and the bad, affect you in multiple ways: health, schoolwork, job performance, relationships and much more.

Via The BioSync Team
The BioSync Team's curator insight, December 20, 2012 8:12 PM

Everything depends on our internal consciousness and external awareness. The KEY is translating this knowledge into practical everyday actions that will enliven and enrich our body, mind and spirit. For me, it starts and ends with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!

The BioSync Team's comment, December 20, 2012 8:15 PM
And, another interesting read:
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People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t.

People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t. | Share Some Love Today |

Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Brain scans they conducted reveal that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input.

Via Sakis Koukouvis
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