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Sex Work
About sex work and help for sex workers, which includes escorts, professional service providers, erotica authors, phone sex operators, adult bloggers, etc.
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Monthly sex worker tests are ridiculous, health experts say (2011)

Monthly sex worker tests are ridiculous, health experts say (2011) | Sex Work |
Health Minister David Davis has backed down from a plan for Victorian sex workers to have fewer tests for sexually transmitted infections, prompting sharp criticism from public health experts who say the plan should go ahead.

...Professor of Sexual Health at Melbourne University, Christopher Fairley, said research showed monthly testing was unnecessary and a waste of public health resources because sex workers have much lower rates of STIs than other people.This was backed by a recent study of patients at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre which showed that of 2896 female sex workers tested for STIs over three years, only 3 per cent were positive.

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Condoms As Evidence

Condoms As Evidence | Sex Work |

In San Francisco and other cities across the US, possession of condoms, condom wrappers and conversations about safe sex are used as evidence against sex workers to justify arrest for prostitution and prostitution related charges.


The routine use of condoms as a tool to violate our basic human right to protect ourselves from HIV and sexually transmitted infections, as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies, is unjust and counter to sound public health.  The Human Rights Watch released a report chronicling this absurd practice in four cities:  New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Deanna Dahlsad's curator insight, February 22, 2013 9:38 PM

While primarily about the issue of sex work, the assumptions about condoms as moral negatives instead of health imperatives is dangerous to us all.

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