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About sex work and help for sex workers, which includes escorts, professional service providers, erotica authors, phone sex operators, adult bloggers, etc.
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Phone Sex Secrets: Expanding Your Phone Sex Income With Texting

Phone Sex Secrets: Expanding Your Phone Sex Income With Texting | Sex Work |

If you are planning on offering texting as an option to expend your business, it's important to consider the phone and connection options in terms of SMS capabilities. Some of the latest tablets and gadgets may not offer texting; or it may be possible with an app you'll need to pay for.

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THe History of Text Messaging [Infographic]

THe History of Text Messaging [Infographic] | Sex Work |

It’s hard to believe but it has been just over 19 years since the first text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone, and 18 years since the first phones were produced that allowed people to send text messages to one another.  


With text messaging, language has evolved as well. Who hasn’t heard of LOL, a word which has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (and which doesn’t mean Lots of Love, as some people think). The concept of “sexting” has also given rise to its own phone language

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