The Anti-Trafficking Review - Call for Papers: Anti-Trafficking Review Issue 3, to be published 2014 | Sex Work |

Anti-trafficking funding and work has mushroomed since the 1990s. Lacking is analysis of those anti-trafficking funds - where they come from, who they go to, what they are meant to do, what they actually achieve, and indeed whether they are needed.


...Of course, politics behind anti-trafficking money abound, and recipient organisations wonder whether they should take ‘tied’ funds, funds with restrictions or ‘dirty’ money that, for instance, may have originated from the profits of a company that employs workers in exploitative conditions. HIV/AIDS organisations struggle to decide whether to take up funds from a donor that mandates they stop handing out condoms. In recent years governments have rushed to spend money on a range of poorly designed initiatives in the hope of moving out of a low ranking in the US government's yearly Trafficking in Persons Report.