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Sex Work
About sex work and help for sex workers, which includes escorts, professional service providers, erotica authors, phone sex operators, adult bloggers, etc.
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Digital Condom

Digital Condom | Sex Work |

The Electric Eel is an open source, digital condom concept designed to enhance your sexual pleasure. The prototype is built with conductive fabric and a Lilypad micro-controller, and delivers short electric impulses along the underside of the shaft for increased stimulation. The amount of electricity being used is very small, and the designs have all been personally tested by the design team for their effectiveness and safety.

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Yup, they're raising money for this and you can help.

Gracie Passette's curator insight, March 5, 2014 10:46 PM

Using the crowd funding dealio to raise funds...

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Pissed off about how condoms are used as evidence

Pissed off about how condoms are used as evidence | Sex Work |
Pissed off about how condoms are used as evidence of prostitution in New York?
***If you live in New York State, fill out this form to send the postcards above to your elected representatives.***
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While NY did the right thing, these thoughts & images are important to remember. It's still happening elsewhere...

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Malaysia condom maker mixes business and pleasure

Malaysia condom maker mixes business and pleasure | Sex Work |

Industry estimates project a global condom market worth $6 billion in 2015, or some 27 billion condoms, compared to 20 billion in 2012.


Carex - the brand name of Karex condoms - holds about 15 percent of the global condom market, according to sector analysts.


Other leading brands Durex, marketed by Britain's Reckitt Benckiser group, and Trojan, owned by the US firm Church & Dwight, make up roughly a combined 25 percent.


-- 'Recession-proof industry' --


"It is a recession-proof industry. With growth rates of about eight percent annually, it is here to stay," said Goh, who has a quick smile and gives off a boyish enthusiasm.


About half of Karex's output goes to bulk purchases by governments or international agencies' safe-sex drives, mainly the UN Population Fund and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).


China is a key growth market, as anti-HIV efforts there have accelerated in line with loosening attitudes towards sex.


A Chinese business website in 2011 quoted a former top family planning official as saying 1.1 billion condoms were provided free to users by the government every year.


But religious and social taboos are also slowly being set aside elsewhere in Asia, said Goh.


The largely Catholic Philippines, for example, passed a law in January requiring government health centres to supply free condoms and birth control pills, and mandating sex education in schools.

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Condoms As Evidence

Condoms As Evidence | Sex Work |

In San Francisco and other cities across the US, possession of condoms, condom wrappers and conversations about safe sex are used as evidence against sex workers to justify arrest for prostitution and prostitution related charges.


The routine use of condoms as a tool to violate our basic human right to protect ourselves from HIV and sexually transmitted infections, as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies, is unjust and counter to sound public health.  The Human Rights Watch released a report chronicling this absurd practice in four cities:  New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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While primarily about the issue of sex work, the assumptions about condoms as moral negatives instead of health imperatives is dangerous to us all.

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