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Sex Work
About sex work and help for sex workers, which includes escorts, professional service providers, erotica authors, phone sex operators, adult bloggers, etc.
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Rescooped by Gracie Passette from #Prostitution : putes en lutte : paroles de celles qui ne veulent pas être abolies!

Putes en lutte / Whores Fight back

Le 1er et 2 Juin 2013, le STRASS organisait les rencontres nationales des travailleurSEs du sexe.

Via Morgane Merteuil
Gracie Passette's insight:

In French, with Engish subtitles (which do have mistakes); but you will be able to follow along easily.

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Rescooped by Gracie Passette from Dare To Be A Feminist!

5 Online Tools For Activists, By Activists

5 Online Tools For Activists, By Activists | Sex Work |

Why are social networks powerful tools for causes and campaigns? Many times, people begin to engage in activism only after they’ve been attracted by the fun stuff in a campaign — connecting with old friends and sharing photos, for example. When they witness others participating, they’ll be more likely to join the cause. With socializing as the primary draw, it’s become easier for organizers to attract more and more unlikely activists through social media.


But once a campaign reaches its critical mass, activists might think about moving to other platforms made with their needs — especially digital security — in mind. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter will remain standard fare for online activism. But the time is right for niche-oriented startups to create tools that can supplement these platforms. Here are a few worth investigating....

Via Jeff Domansky, Deanna Dahlsad
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, July 12, 2013 4:04 PM

There's some interesting points made about activism for public affairs and PR pros. These five sites are also worth monitoring to keep the pulse of what's going on in activism.

Curated by Gracie Passette
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