Sex Positive
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Sex Positive
Sexuality as a human right.
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Why This Transgender Teen's Big Legal Victory Matters

Why This Transgender Teen's Big Legal Victory Matters | Sex Positive |
Wayne Maines was in a meeting when he got the call. His daughter, a transgender teenager who had been fighting the state of Maine for years over her right to use the girls' bathroom at school, had finally won.

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Community Village Sites's curator insight, February 4, 2014 3:45 PM

Five states down, 45 more to go.

"Some jurisdictions (e.g., Colorado, Iowa, San Francisco, New York City, and the District of Columbia), however, have indicated that denying transgender people the right to use a gender identity-appropriate restroom violates nondiscrimination laws. In addition, Washington's Human Rights Commission states that "transgender employees should be permitted to use the restroom that is consistent with the individual's gender identity." Some jurisdictions (e.g., Iowa, San Francisco, and D.C.) make clear that transgender people cannot be required to prove their gender to gain access to a public bathroom, unless everyone has to show ID to use that bathroom. Other jurisdictions (e.g., Chicago) continue to allow businesses to determine whether a transgender patron is given access to the male or female bathroom based on the gender on his or her ID." -source


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The Gender Binary

The Gender Binary | Sex Positive |

Western society has traditionally assumed a gender binary, classifying sex and gender as “male” or “female.” This binary is reflected in many aspects of our legal system. However in recent decades, the gender binary, and related assumptions about the fixed nature and unambiguous meaning of sex and gender, has been challenged by transsexual, transgendered and intersex people seeking legal recognition of their sex and/or gender identity and protection from discrimination based thereon.

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Legal matters, well, matter.

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A 'monumental' win for marriage rights in New Mexico

A 'monumental' win for marriage rights in New Mexico | Sex Positive |

The decision came in response to a legal fight launched by a Jen Roper, New Mexico woman with cancer, who wants New Mexico to recognize her longtime partner, Angelique Neuman, on her death certificate. Judge Malott not only agreed, he went further, incorporating a related case in which several same-sex couples sought marriage licenses.

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Curated by Deanna Dahlsad
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