Sex Positive
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Sex Positive
Sexuality as a human right.
Curated by Deanna Dahlsad
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On Laverne Cox’s Nude Photo Spread & Meghan Murphy’s Transphobia

On Laverne Cox’s Nude Photo Spread & Meghan Murphy’s Transphobia | Sex Positive |
Laverne Cox graced Allure’s annual “Nudes” issue with a picture that is so honest in its emotion and raw in its beauty I damn near cried looking at it. She admits her insecurities and ultimately decided to shrug them off and have the mac ‘n’ cheese she was craving the night before the shoot. That’s some role model shit right there. Unless you’re Feminist Current founder Meghan Murphy, who says to her neighbors south of the border (she’s Canadian): “What the fuck are you trying to sell us, America?” She mocks Cox’s insecurities and the idea of “radical self-acceptance” by gasping at her ability to indulge in comfort food and still love herself. Murphy telling Cox to put her clothes back on because she’s uncomfortable around the flawlessness that is Cox’s naked form isn’t an expression of her disdain for catering to the “male gaze.” Murphy is scolding a grown woman who made a choice for herself because: “Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself might
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When Porn Stars Have To Teach You About Body Image

When Porn Stars Have To Teach You About Body Image | Sex Positive |
Porn stars are often criticized for, well, just about everything. In this case, we're talking about how they (like nearly every mainstream model, actress, or celebrity) are blamed for perpetuating ...

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Man Tells Woman He Can't Get Turned On By Her Aging Body -- And She Reacts Perfectly

Man Tells Woman He Can't Get Turned On By Her Aging Body -- And She Reacts Perfectly | Sex Positive |

I asked this man who had shared my bed for three nights running why we had not made love. "Your body is too wrinkly," he said without a pause. "I have spoiled myself over the years with young woman. I just can't get excited with you. I love your energy and your laughter. I like your head and your heart. But, I just can't deal with your body."

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Breaking Age Barriers: “Sexy Has No Expiration Date” | Kinsey Confidential

Breaking Age Barriers: “Sexy Has No Expiration Date” | Kinsey Confidential | Sex Positive |
Many companies are currently using models over the age of 50 to sell their products. Is society becoming more accepting of senior sexuality?
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Sex Positive
Sexuality as a human right.
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