Thigh will be done… a leggy new advertising strategy has hit Japan - Cream (blog) | Sex Marketing |

Women in Japan have the opportunity to reap the rewards of using their thighs as an advertising space for brands and companies. A girl’s zettai ryouiki  – which translates roughly as “absolute territory” – is apparently the  highly coveted space that lies between the bottom of her mini-skirt or  shorts and the top of her knee-high socks. The brand seeks to recruit  girls over the age of 18 who have a presence on one or more social  networking sites (SNS). To earn their commission, they must wear the  stickers for eight hours over the course of a day, and then post photos  of their new ‘accessory’ on their preferred SNS. And this intriguing new combo of guerrilla advertising and social media has been popular –  around 2,800 Japanese women have registered, with an average of 330  friends on Facebook. Popular campaigns have thus far included promotion  of Green Day’s latest album.