Does controversial content have a place in your marketing strategy? - iMedia Connection (blog) | Sex Marketing |

This morning, Keira Knightley's "sexually suggestive" Chanel advert was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. In it, the actress is seen in a partial state of undress and whispers seductively to a photographer. The content itself is probably no worse than many of the television shows or movies shown on television these days, but that fact that the advert was shown as a trailer before screenings of the children's movie 'Ice Age 2' was the last straw for the ad and, ultimately, the brand.

The news will probably lead many brands to re-assess any slightly controversial advertising they have lined up, but that isn't the only thing they should consider - they also need to take into account any content marketing they have planned. After all, this really is a form of advertising; albeit subtle. Really, the question is this: is there a place for controversy in content marketing?