Sage Hope's 1st Gift to Humanity: "Open to Bliss:The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction" | Sex  Addiction |

"242 Insights To Totally Dismantle Sexual Addiction.  Sage Teaches Simply and Clearly, Step By Step Unmasking the Whole Illusion."


Curator comment: The curator has spent the better part of an hour reading the voluminous information on this site which has been written over the course of several years by Omid Mankoo (who also goes by the name "Sage Hope") a very sweet and earnest individual who presents a unique synthesis of theological and philosophical traditions (heavily influenced by Hinduism) in the service of transcending what he describes as sexual fixation.  He seems very peacefully dedicated to presenting his approach, even during the several years he spent as a homeless person.  He just posted a Youtube video that seems to have been recorded in a cafeteria.  He certainly believes in his approach to the marrow of his being and the curator, refusing to scoff, instead offers respect for the peaceful spirit he embodies.  The world would surely benefit if many more of us displayed such civility in the service of our most cherished and even idiosyncratic beliefs.