Surviving Leadership Chaos
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Surviving Leadership Chaos
" We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. " - Winston Churchill
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Why You’ve Got To Get Addicted To Delegation

Why You’ve Got To Get Addicted To Delegation | Surviving Leadership Chaos |

If as a business owner, you are forever sweating the small stuff, you are never going to free yourself both physically and emotionally to tackle the big issues.


Resistence to delegating, is in itself, one of the biggest hurdles for a business owner to overcome on the path to developing a bigger business.


This excellent article, suggests business owners develop an addiction to delegating everything possible to delegate, and it provides seven tips to keep in mind when delegating tasks or projects.


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Leadership Mantra: Delegation.

Leadership Mantra: Delegation. | Surviving Leadership Chaos |

Delegation, an indication that identifies a real leader!


“Following the suggestion of a reader, in my last leadership mantra, I’ll approach with you a topic that is, in my opinion, very often misunderstood and not often enough used to fair value.”


What does mean delegation for you?


What are the words that come to your mind when you hear or you think to delegation?


Before reading further, you could invest a few minutes, to be clear about this issue.


What is emerged and to which group you belong to?


Here are a few groups:


Read more:

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Five Tips to Delegate More Effectively

Five Tips to Delegate More Effectively | Surviving Leadership Chaos |

Every business owner eventually comes to the realisation that they cannot do everything themselves, and the longer they delay sharing of responsibility for outcomes with others, the less they are able to use their higher level skills that got the business off the ground in the first place.


Delegation is not a skill one is born with, it needs to be learned and regularly practiced, if one aspires to being a successful business owner of manager.


This excellent article, acknowledges that getting it right when it comes to effective delegation is harder than most people think it is, and it provides five tips you can follow to become a more effective delegator.

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