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" We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. " - Winston Churchill
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What Happens When You Put Aside Your Ego And Take Your Mentors' Advice

What Happens When You Put Aside Your Ego And Take Your Mentors' Advice | Serving and Leadership |

You are a twentysomething entrepreneur ready to launch a new business and your emotions are running wild. You're frightened, intimated, and stressed, but at the same time you're enthusiastic and confident about what the future holds.


At this point, it's time to step back and listen to those who have been in the same situation.


It would be a foolish mistake and a missed opportunity not to value the advice, experience, and knowledge a mentor can offer. Put your ego aside; be a sponge and soak up as much wisdom as possible.

I was in this exact position prior to launching SDC Nutrition Inc. I was confident and probably a little too self-assured, but I knew I had to set aside my ego to listen and absorb as much invaluable advice as possible from my advisers.

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(From the article): Whether you're an established entrepreneur or fresh to the world of entrepreneurship, you should never hesitate to ask for advice from your mentors. Their expertise and perspective may be the knowledge needed to help you and your business succeed and prosper for many years to come.

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Very good advice!

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when you listen to somebody that knows more than you do you learn and grow into the best you can be 

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Leadership Mantra: Noise.

Leadership Mantra: Noise. | Serving and Leadership |

This noise who changing our life.


About what noise are we talking about here? There is talk about the discontinuous noise in our head, which is an integral part of our daily live.


Have you ever paid attention, if so, what was his tone? It was a pleasant tone, beautiful, positive or rather, unpleasant, ugly and negative?


Here, you can imagine, is the big difference.


Why am I talking about this today? Just because our attitude is dictated by this dialogue. If you are in the unpleasant and negative plan, it goes without saying that it will be difficult for you, to have a full and balanced life – which should ultimately be the goal of all of us.


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Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot to Give You

Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot to Give You | Serving and Leadership |
February 1st, 2009, was a very memorable day for me. It was the day I arrived back at my family home in Newcastle, England, to start working for myself full-time.


I had just left a job which for the previous two years saw me working with companies like Nissan, Hewlett Packard and Land Rover as their social media manager. My position in the rat race was actually an awesome one, but it was nothing compared to being my own boss.


As some people here don't care about making their living from the internet, I understand that this post will not be for everybody. However, if you've just made the leap to working for yourself, currently run your own business, or you're looking to make your money online in the future, this article may be just what you need.


13 Lessons from 18 Months of Self-Employment...


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Learning The Softer Side Of Leadership

Learning The Softer Side Of Leadership | Serving and Leadership |

Leaders' primary objective is to empower others to make decisions and take actions that are aligned with the organization’s vision, purpose, and strategy. These nuances are the softer side of leadership, beyond the technical skills that you have already mastered.


Leadership is the "eighth wonder of the world." It is better seen and felt than defined and said. It’s easy to intellectualize, but elusive to actualize.


The world’s most impactful leaders in all arenas, from business to government, understand the paradox that although leadership starts with the leader, it’s never about the leader. This wisdom should be emulated and applied by everyone who aspires to leadership.


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