'Self-centered' work ethic hinders young employees | Surviving Leadership Chaos | Scoop.it
Some bosses are frustrated at what they consider their young employees' lack of commitment to their jobs.


"I don't care what generation you belong to, there's this thing called work ethic -- making a commitment, doing what you say you'll do. Being responsible and accountable is not about whether it's convenient or not."

Is getting work done on time and on budget a generational thing? All I know is that every week, I'm hearing this sentiment more than ever and from more than a handful of employers.

But some experts who specialize in bridging the gap between the expectations of different generations say it's not that younger generations have no work ethic.

They have "a self-centered work ethic," says Cam Marston, author of Motivating the 'What's In It For Me?' Workforcein an article in Business Know-How.


He insists that "millennials are dedicated to completing their task well."

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