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Dancing Games for People of all Ages,
Shapes and Sizes

MUVE empowers people of all shapes and sizes, abilities and ages to become confident about freely dancing to music. MUVE Dancing Games (MDGs) give us the opportunity to come together and playfully exercise, explore creatively, and build community.

In a MUVE Dancing Game (MDG) players take turns inspiring each other with dance movement-ideas. Players follow each other “loosely,” and they are free to interpret movements in their own style/shape/speed/size.

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The Heart of Innovation: How Business Collaboration is Like Dancing Tango

The Heart of Innovation: How Business Collaboration is Like Dancing Tango | Serious Play |

"How are tango skills relevant to business?

For starters, dancing tango well requires collaborating with a partner to create something you cannot create alone.

Everything in business involves collaboration: with your customer, manager, colleague, subordinate, or team.

Today's complex business environment requires us to up-level our collaboration skills -- skills that are often overlooked and underdeveloped. And because they are, we end up going over and under each other -- drained and frustrated -- to get results.

What follows are nine tango principles that have made me a smarter, more nimble, creative, and engaged collaborator."


How would your business relationships change if you shifted into thinking about them as dance partnerships?

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