A New Perspective on the Bartle Player Types for Gamification - GCo | Serious-Minded Games | Scoop.it

article by Andrzej Marczewski

summary by Jake Huhn

"This is a great post because it briefly introduces Dr. Richard Bartle’s model for player types, and then expands upon it, addressing the different types of player from a motivation perspective. His detailed model included 8 types; Griefer, Networker, Politician, Friend, Opportunist, Scientist, Planner and Hacker. From that, the article breaks players into two categories of motivation—intrinsic and extrinsic—and modifies the player types to describe the root of the player’s motivation. Intrinsically motivated user types are: Socialisers, Free Spirits, Achievers, and Philanthropists. Extrinsically motivated user types are: Networkers, Exploiters, Consumers, and Self Seekers. Dive into the full article to see how that all fits together."