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Agora des Savoirs - Sylvie Catellin - La sérendipité ou l’art de la découverte

e mot « sérendipité » nous vient de l’anglais serendipity, un néologisme créé en 1754 par l’écrivain Horace Walpole en référence à un conte persan. L’histoir...!
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Serendipity - What is it?

Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.


The word has been voted one of the ten English words hardest to translate in June 2004 by a British translation company.[1] However, due to its sociological use, the word has been exported into many other languages.[2]!
Gust MEES's curator insight, February 23, 2013 3:08 PM

Serendipity is one of the most powerful "tools" 2 find content!!!

Carmenne Kalyaniwala-Thapliyal's comment, February 24, 2013 5:23 AM
Gust, your comment brought a smile to my face :)
Gust MEES's comment, February 24, 2013 9:57 AM
@Carmenne, Hi, good! That's why I wrote it so ;)

Engineering Serendipity

Companies that depend on innovation are redesigning work spaces to encourage a certain kind of accident: the human collision.!
Gust MEES's curator insight, April 6, 2013 6:51 AM


It's true, "Serendipity" has a BIG Power! people who are in a "PLN" (Personal Learning Network) can certainly confirm this!

'Unexpected Discoveries: The art of Serendipity in Coworking Spaces'

The Oxford English Dictionary describes Serendipity as 'The faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident.'  It's no wonder then, that the term 'Accelerated Serendipity' is heard i...!
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Tactical Serendipity

Tactical Serendipity


It requires sensitivity and highly tuned observation, so that we do not miss things like unexpected opportunity, new ideas, needs, or the ability to establish clear goals and objectives that find good in our world.


You are literally 140 characters away from an interaction that can change your learning or life. You are one "like" button, one shared experience away from a transformative encounter.


I cannot tell you who that will be with, when that might happen, or in what way things will change.!

Serendipity is at the heart of today’s emerging society

I love everything about this piece written in April of 2011 by one of my favorite people, Ross Dawson. It is one of those gems that is very relevant to all of us today and I love sharing it with you.


Curated by JanLGordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media & Beyond"




Serendipity is for me a deeply meaningful word.


The more than dozen posts discussing serendipity on my blog include how we created “enhanced serendipity” at an event I ran in 2003 in New York, more details on the story of the word serendipity and how to enhance it, the importance of the “serendipity dial” and far more.


****One of the reasons I love Twitter so much is that it provides a rich substrate for serendipitous connections. A majority of the worthwhile connections I make these days come from Twitter.


One of those connections is @AnaDataGirl. We have followed each other and had some conversations for a good while. So I heard multiple times that she did a gem of a presentation at SwitchConf in Oporto, Portugal last week.


Here are her lovely slides ......!
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Jacques Lévy • Serendipity.

Ce mot anglais désigne à la fois la faculté de faire des trouvailles par hasard, la réalité de ces découvertes ainsi que le dispositif les rendant possibles. C'est un néologisme dont l'origine se situe… en 1754. À partir d'un conte persan qu'il a retrouvé, The Three Princes of Serendip, ce dernier terme désignant Ceylan (aujourd'hui Sri Lanka) en persan, l'écrivain Horace Walpole forme le mot « serendipity », caractéristique de ce qui se produit lorsque ces princes voyagent: « making discoveries […] of things which they were not in quest of ». The On-line Medical Dictionary donne comme exemple la découverte par Alexander Fleming de la pénicilline, grâce à l'observation inopinée des moisissures qui prospéraient dans son laboratoire. Les percées de la recherche médicale constituent en général un domaine canonique pour l'illustration de la notion.!
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▶ Intentional Serendipity: Corey Ford at TEDxUNC - YouTube

"intentioanl serendipity".

ne pas savoir exactement ce que l'on veut faire est une force! il faut savoir saisir les opportunités.!
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Why You Should Plan for Serendipity

"engineered serendipity". exactement ma façon de vivre! 

tellement important de laisser à la chance sa place dans nos vies et nos projets…!
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