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What is a backlink to this article, I will try to give useful information about and how to get.

Backlinks back link means is Turkish. Backlinks (A) site (B) The site is called, so that links to your site. With Backlinks are search engine bots to visit your site more often.

Backlinks on the target word before you develop the content of your page, publish original articles to the content of your page. Proper, efficient, and nice article that you receive after you publish backlinks Backlinks backlinks 100% more than normal you will see the benefit.

Backlinks, the home page of a site, or any link in the case of a page or text text link or banner to the site where according to PageRank, increase your PageRank provides.

To see which sites link to a website that Google search engine "link:" is given in the form of a link to the sites occurring in the directory. You can also find this service Backlinks Inquiry.

The logic is that search engines backlinks water is important; ABCFGK sites (H) site provides links to quality means that this site is a good site.

The most effective tool of good quality backlink to the increase of the work-PageRank.
-Of course you get links from sites more useful to high pagerank value.
-For example, Pr Pr 4 to 0, which will have 100 links from sites to get links from the site is better than one. This of course applies to work alone pagerank.
-But to move up the ranking pagerank value of the site does not matter WHERE link, location is very important to sort their word.