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Bulking Up Content…With Value

Bulking Up Content…With Value | SEO Tips, Advice, Help |

Over the past year we’ve heard a lot of phrases like “thin content” and no “added value” and “low quality” content. Google is looking to ensure that websites offer quality content and if your site doesn’t have content that Google considers high quality, you’ve probably taken a hit.On almost a daily basis people ask me to review their content and explain why it’s “thin” or low quality. I think there are 2 reasons for this.....


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Scooped by Bonnie Burns!

Learn SEO: Breaking The SEO Code

Learn SEO: Breaking The SEO Code | SEO Tips, Advice, Help |
SEO book: Learn to handle your own SEO in-house. Access book with all the step by step details on SEO, in-depth social media information and Blogging etc..

Who is this book good for:
1. Anyone that wants to do their own SEO on their site
2. Anyone that wants to understand SEO so they know if their current contractor is actually doing a good job or not
3. Anyone that wants one source of info they can trust on SEO, Blogging and social media
4. Anyone that knows they need to ramp things up before the upcoming holiday season
5. Anyone that knows a little about SEO but wants to know more
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