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Because of the power of word-of-mouth, knowing who your company's top influencers are can be a great asset. Read on for how brands of all sizes can benefit.


The advent of social media has changed how businesses function across all departments -- from sales techniques to marketing strategies to customer service efforts. And because word-of-mouth is the most trusted method of advertisement, there are many opportunities online for businesses of all sizes. Social networks are ripe grounds for conversation through reviews, complaints, praise, questions, etc. In fact, consumers tend to believe and trust the opinion of someone they know or a consumer opinion online over traditional advertising or marketing, making word-of-mouth one of the most powerful techniques in business. A glowing or scathing review from a trusted source can make a huge impact on a brand or a consumer's purchasing decisions.


Brands should take advantage of the way social networks function. There are highly influential social network users whose opinions are trusted -- and many have a hefty following to boot. These users can act as top tier ambassadors for a brand, especially if there is a good relationship between the individual and the brand. This is why companies of all sizes should identify who these influencers are and reach out to them. There are tools that can identify top influencers by impact (those who have the highest following) and by volume (those who mention your brand or product most frequently).


Let's take a look at how three different businesses -- a major brand, a local business, and an independent music artist -- can benefit from influencer identification.


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