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The People Behind SEO Services

Due to the increasing demand for online marketing most people are looking for a good SEO provider to hire. There are a lot that offers similar services for a certain fee, be it locally or via online transactions. This is one of the most important things that most new or small business needs to invest on if they are planning to launch a major online campaign for their product or services. You need to check if the service provider that you have hired can insure that your campaign will end in great success for your business.

Well Trained Professional
Your SEO needs to be well trained. Most of the SEO experts are self-thought because there is no official profession or training that solely focused on SEO techniques and service. Although graduates of any computer coding or computer language will have a good chance of becoming an SEO expert, since there are some tool kits that they can buy that would help them get started. SEO Leicestershire makes sure that they know all the latest technique and skills that a successful SEO expert uses for their projects.

Ready For Frequent System Updates
Since search engine such as Google usually release some updates for their page ranking criteria it is important for the SEO expert to learn and be able to incorporate their skills to use this update to their own advantage. Their main goal is to increase the page ranking of the campaign page they are working on. If they are able to do that their client will enjoy the benefits of having additional income out of all the interested people that have visited the webpage. The SEO Leicestershire companies like would usually focus their campaign locally so they would use some of the local forums or pages to promote their project. This will help them find the people that their client is targeting to inform. There are a lot of different techniques and skills that the SEO expert are developing to cope up with all the updates that Google has also release in the past. So the learning of a good SEO provider never tend to stop.

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Is SEO Dead? Look at These 10 Blogs Before Making a Decision

Is SEO Dead? Look at These 10 Blogs Before Making a Decision | SEO Leicestershire |
SEO Leicestershire's insight:

At the time of writing, I got more than 10 million results for searching the topic "SEO is dead."

The question arises:

Is SEO dead?

The answer has two sides:

If you build a search engine friendly site for generating organic traffic and enrich the user experience side by side, the answer is NO.

If you are busy in fooling the search engines by purchasing low-quality links in bulk for gaining higher visibility, the answer is YES.

Instead of getting into the trap of this question, brush up your SEO skills and upgrade your organic presence by reading these best ten blogs in the SEO industry.

Moz Blog
Moz Blog is a hub for SEO and inbound marketing tips. The beginner's guide to SEO is a nice way to brush up your search engine mastery skills. This blog consistently consistently comes with different content types including infographics, videos, interviews, and long-form content. It's very diverse with the different subjects it chooses to use, but they stay on topic when it comes to online marketing and SEO in general. Moz also creates a lot of tools and training resources.

Search Engine Roundtable
This is another blog run by famous SEO blogger Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land. Schwartz publishes on this blog more than he does the Search Engine Land blog, yet many people don't realize it. There are guest bloggers here and there, but by and large you're still getting detailed and cutting-edge articles. The topics on this blog are constantly drawing on Google news. He often gives examples from real companies. It makes his blog filled with practical and valuable information.

Search Engine Land
Treat it as your search news blog. It's the best option out there if you're looking for some breaking news or want to check quickly to see if anything happened in the SEO industry. They still publish several times per day. Apart from the news section, they entertain the audience with their marketing nerds podcasts and webinars. Due to their strong connections, they always seem to be the first to find out what's going on with Google and the other engines.

Apart from being one of the leading SEO companies, they have a blog focusing on the industry news and "how to list" posts. They also consistently publish high-quality SEO topics. Some of the topics are laid out in a fresh manner that no else has covered before. So, it's a great blog to read daily to see if they discuss something you've never heard of before. They often add a "what it means to you" section at the end of every article. Their advice is practical and very useful for the audience.

Search Engine Watch
This is another blog that offers a huge index of content on all topics related to search engine. They do a great job of breaking down the complicated topics into easy-to-read guides. They have published several articles on different categories: Industry News, PPC, SEO, Analytics, and local SEO. It's also an easy place to browse topics on content marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing also.

Search Engine Journal
Despite having such a huge index of articles, the accessibility is very user-friendly. Their internal linking makes it easy to get the whole picture of the topic in a clear way. This is the cool thing about the blog. They have a lot of connections in the industry that makes space for some great interviews. The majority of the blog comprises of detailed "how to" articles full of images for proving their point in a detailed manner. This makes their content easy to understand and digest quickly.

SEO By the Sea
This blog originally stuck out to me because of its conversational tone. It's full of real-life examples written almost entirely by search expert Bill Slawski, so this makes the blog consistent in writing style. This one is all about the long form content. So, if you're looking for something detailed post without any flashy images and infographics, then this blog is for you.

SEO Book Blog
This blog is filled with lots of case studies. This not only means they offer unique examples, but they offer insights that you can't get anywhere else on the web. They do their research and dig deep for answering all SEO questions. This is a must-read for the SEO enthusiasts. Like other blogs in the list, they don't publish every day. But, they come up with strong and effective articles.

Raven Tools Blog
Although they may not be known for their blog as much as for their marketing reports, SEO and social media tools, Raven Tools consistently features some of the top SEO authors in the industry on their blog. This is one of those blogs that focuses mostly on SEO topics for beginners. All the articles are laid out in a perfect manner keeping in mind their target audience: Internet Marketers.

Last but not the least, SEMRush has been a popular blog for quite some time. If you're not reading it yet, you're missing out some great valuable stuff. Many trusted brands use their competitive data tool. SEMRush doesn't spend their time in improving their tool only. They also believe in providing useful content for the readers. This is another blog that features a lot of guest articles from top authors in the business. They publish articles on a frequent basis without diluting the quality. Apart from relevant articles, they keep things fresh and interesting with great interviews. What else you want, isn't?

Over to You

Is SEO dead or not?

Apart from my top 10 ten list, there are many more great SEO blogs. If I missed your favorite, let me know what it is and why it's so great. Fill your entries in the comment section below.

Source: HuffingtonPost

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Leicestershire announces £1m of conference wins for 2016

Leicestershire announces £1m of conference wins for 2016 | SEO Leicestershire |
Leicester Shire Promotions has announced that its event bidding campaign has helped secure a swathe of national and international conferences and events to be held in Leicester and Leicestershire in 2016. The conferences are estimated
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