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The On-Page SEO Recipe for Peak Inbound Marketing Efficiency

The On-Page SEO Recipe for Peak Inbound Marketing Efficiency | SEO Daily Dose |
Today, I’m going to show you how to set up your website’s “on-page SEO” the right way, so that your overall SEO strategy will be operating at peak efficiency for the life of your website.
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How To Get More Comments On Your Articles

How To Get More Comments On Your Articles | SEO Daily Dose |

"Content from users can provide real value. Why are comments important as blog content? Not only are you generating additional unique, on-topic content for your pages, comments may even contribute to your article's freshness score. That's an important area of search engine optimization (SEO).


While it's debatable whether the number of comments on a page is directly correlated with higher rankings, we all understand the value of having more fresh, relevant content on a page. And of course, user engagement and community building are crucial in brand-building...


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A Day in the Life of an SEO

A Day in the Life of an SEO | SEO Daily Dose |

Working in the field of website optimization may be many things, but it’s certainly never boring!If you’re new to the industry and wondering what your day-to-day activities should look like, consider the following elements for guidance on how good SEOs structure their word days:

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Backlinks Are Not The Culprit: How Google Penguin Really Works

"Penguin has now been reverse engineered. The results are shared including what is likely wrong and what you can do to fix it.


This is totally different than what most of the SEO world is telling you to do these days."


Josh Bachynski reports in this video that the biggest surprise for most people will be the fact that Penguin has NOTHING to do with your backlinks, as it only targets on-page factors.


Key take-aways from the video:


1) You need to fix on-page issues as the top priority


2) Penguin-based negative SEO is not possible


3) No need to delete links - Google is already taking care of that by devaluing those


4) Add quality links to your key content in ways that make them look "natural" to Google (30% exact match query, 30% partial match, 30% url-based, 10% generic/other stuff)


5) Do not overoptimize - Google knows what your page is about - don't overdo it with keywords. Check with Google Webmaster Tools and see what Google thinks your page is about.


6) Try always to look and be as "natural" as you can be. 


Must see. 9/10


Watch the video for a complete explanation: ;


(Thanks to Nicoleta Leon for pointing me to this) 

Via Robin Good
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