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Links sobre Marketing, SEO y Social Media
Trucos, consejos y opiniones sobre marketing, seo y social media.
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Scooped by Carlos Bisbal!

8 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rate is Nosediving : @ProBlogger

8 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rate is Nosediving : @ProBlogger | Links sobre Marketing, SEO y Social Media |



Carlos Bisbal's insight:

8 razones por las que nadie lee tus emails


Por lo general, cuantos más suscriptores de email tengas más tráfico recibirá tu blog. ¿Cierto?

Bueno, ahora ya no. Los Bloggers, hoy por hoy, se enfrentan a tasas de apertura increiblemente bajas, como nunca antes había ocurrido. Pero ¿por qué?

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Rescooped by Carlos Bisbal from Ecom Revolution!

5 Easy Email Marketing Tips From CIO White Papers

5 Easy Email Marketing Tips From CIO White Papers | Links sobre Marketing, SEO y Social Media |


From tweets to posts and even likes, this webinar covers the basics of social media marketing. Learn how your peers are leveraging social media in their practices and hear what works - and what doesn't.

Marty Note

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Received an email I can't show you other than the graphic from CIO White Papers that points to  some easy things to change to make your email marketing more effective.

The link on this post goes to the "landing page" presented after clicking on the Call To Action (Click Here To Read This Report Now) button on the email.

The landing page is confusing. I couldn't figure out how to either share my information or get the report and who has the time to figure out YOUR landing page? A: No One!

Tip #1: Make your FORM easy to fill out and only ask for things you REALLY need (name, email).

I can't share the email because there is no social share widgets and there isn't a "Can't see this email, see it on the web" option. Always include social share widgets above the fold and include a server based email URL since that is what most publishers will share.

Tip #2: Always include a server URL and social share widgets.


I love the size of the Call-to-Action (CTA), but blue copy on orange wouldn't be my first choice since it makes the button hard to read.

Tip #3: Big CTAs with clearly contrasting colors.

The email, the one I can't show you because there is no URL, goes on and on and on. Never do that. Never share more than a single idea in an email. No one reads your emails the way you do. People have LIVES and when you put 8 things in an email with a long scroll you look out of touch with real people. Not a good thing.

Tip #4: Never market more than one thing in an email.

The subject line lives within my 7 word rule "

Saavy Social Media: From Facebook to Twitter

Not a bad subject line except for the spelling. Ouch! Little things undercut credibility. Little things like a site called CIO White Papers misspelling savvy.

Tip #5: Check Your Spelling before you mail 50,000 people.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Carlos Bisbal's insight:

5 Consejos fáciles para mejorar tu Email Marketing.


Consejos que ayudarán a tu email marketing a romper la barrera cada vez más artificial entre el social media marketing y el email marketing.

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