The sad thing about superstitious Christians, Jews, Muslims and the rest of true believers of fables is they don't need a near death experience to see their superstitious figures or experiences. Superstitious religious members are already in a clinically dead state. A state where their brains are still functioning but the superstitious refuse to use their front lobes in regards to their need to believe in fantasy fables. A suspension of belief occurs the moment anyone mentions their superstitious religion.


They are in fact self hypnotizing themselves geared to certain key words. Jesus, atheist, love, god, good, heaven, hell are all words that put Christian superstitious into a self induced trance. The bigger the doubt of the subject the deeper the self induced trance must be. Their self induced trance can cause them to bleed, pass out, roll around on the floor. Again, the bigger the doubt the more display of faith is needed to convince the subject and the questioner to stop what is seen as an attack.


If the superstitious religious person can not manage to self induce a trance they will flee, literally running for their lives. It is best to leave them at the first sign of attempted suicide of reason and logic. It will only confirm their delusion to themselves and show you how hopeless talking reason to a true believer can be. I only engage true believers when they try to engage me or try to force a statement in fact into a shared conversation.


Recently I was in conversation with family members on my wife's side of the family. One couple said they were almost run off the road and killed by another drivers but managed to save themselves at the last minute. Another Christian member of the family I figure hear their cue to speak, "God was watching out for you" the other family member stated. "Yes, he was" said the teller of the tale. "Well, I said," being the reasoned atheist, "it seems if God were truly looking out for you the accident never happened."


Everyone went silent so I continued, "And if he did truly help you in only the nick of time, it must be nice to know that you come before ending hunger in the world, or disease or war". The most important thing that day for your God was looking out for you. Truly you are blessed. It must be nice to be more important to your God than healing amputees".


The conversation went on to something else and slowly one at a time each person got up to get something and didn't return. Suddenly conversations were going on around me but I was sitting alone on my own because I had the audacity to suggest the claim that God saved their life that day was horse shit. And if it wasn't horse shit why did God choose to save them over ending hunger of children in africa?


I had you see, broken the spell of superstition. They know that I am an atheist antitheist and that i will interject reality into the conversation. They refuse to debate me as I've always had a great point to make or a question they can't answer. This day the point was why did God look after them saving their life instead of saving starving children in Africa? A point and a question in one.


Twenty superstitious Christians and not one had an answer to the pointed question. Instead all twenty had to run away before the self induced spall was shattered.

And so it goes for us atheist. If we exercise our free speech we are exorcised from god fearing functional lunatics. This would not be so bad were in not for the fact that 99% of the USA is infected.


Be careful out there,