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Make Healthy Life with Seavy Home and Kitchen Appliances Products

Make Healthy Life with Seavy Home and Kitchen Appliances Products | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

The kitchen is the utmost part of every home where all the family members linger around and spent there most of the time with family members. Therefore, it is the heart of every home where the homemaker spent most of her time in cooking varieties of meals for her family. Thus kitchen and food plays a very important part in our lives. In earlier times, not much attention was given to the looks of the kitchen but in modern times, technology and lifestyle has changed completely which has given a great chance to the modern kitchen. Looks with modern appliances has changed the kitchen into a place that reveals a touch of simplicity, modernity and elegancy to your kitchen. In last few years, the kitchen has become the place that is aesthetically pleasing as well as modern. Kitchen and home appliances thus makes a life of homemaker easy and no more burdensome. All the kitchen appliances of today are of modern technology that matches your kitchen as well as your personality. All the appliances from kitchen chimneys to dishwashers have gone through several changes as per the modern living.


New concepts and trendy designs are entering into the market every day that has completely revolutionized and changed the entire cooking process. With all these advancements the appliances which has completely turned into the miracle is the built-in kitchen appliances that plays a most important and integral part in every kitchen whether it is modern or contemporary.


The term built-in or integrated appliances are clear in it. Such appliances are affixed and installed in a manner that they have become an important and main part of every home and kitchen. In most cases, such appliances are built in or placed inside the cupboards or units. The appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven and oven / tog etc. are all such built in appliances. In such appliances the door of the appliance is fixed into a cupboard door in such a manner that the device remains hidden from view or not visible. Such innovative features and designs of built-in devices not only enhance functionality but makes life of an individual easy, comfortable and as per modern trends.


Benefits of built-in Appliances


1. Kitchen when installed with the custom door panels matches the entire cabinetry, thus giving a kitchen elegant, sophisticated, chic & stylish look.


2. Kitchen looks big enough due to space saving.


3. Provides elegant and organized look to the kitchen thus adding flexibility in handling and keeping of multiple devices in kitchen.

In short, such built in appliances adds and fulfills the functional as well as designer needs of kitchen by offering a wide variety to the customers so that they can choose from numerous brands an appliance that they requires as per their cooking space, style and requirements.

There is a number of brands to choose from as Kaff, Sunflame, Faber, Elica, Seavy, Cata, Glen, Ekko, Padmini, Inalsa, Kutchina, Prestige etc. All these renowned brands provide a wide range of kitchen appliances as per your needs and requirement.


Kitchen appliances are categorized in the following manner. All these appliances are different in functionality and designs. Some of such appliances are as follows:


1. Hoods

Kitchen chimneys and built-in hoods is a highly efficient devices in removing of unwanted moisture, oily vapors, bad odor, fumes and grime from the kitchen. It comes with the easy operational functions and panel with minimum noise and silence features thus adding an elegancy to your kitchen.


2. Built in Hobs

Built-in hob uses the latest innovative technology with the trends to make an experience of cooking full of fun. They are designed in a manner to make kitchen look beautiful with other kitchen and home appliances, thus kitchen looks modern and trendy as there is no mess with cleaning as well as no insects, no pests and your family remains healthy.


3. Ovens:

Built in ovens is a device that has become the need of today and the requirement of every homemaker. The designs are such that it takes away your breath by its appealing and killer looks. They are chic and its operation is so easy with advanced technology that it matches perfectly with your kitchen style. Built In ovens, gives your loved ones an enjoyment of baking deserts or grilling vegetables that is sumptuous and mouth-watering ready in a couple of minutes.


4. Built in Microwave

Built in microwave is another category that makes cooking an easy task by its remarkable features and modern technology. It accomplishes the various types of cooking preferences and requirements, there is a wide varieties of models of built-in microwaves available in the market today. Today microwaves can be seen in every home. Design and technology advancements has brought a complete breakthrough in microwaves, it provides a combination of both the functionality as well as designing in a perfect manner.



Modern cooktops adds a touch of simplicity, elegancy and style to your kitchen by its finished looks. Their aesthetics looks so ravishing that every homemaker is pushed towards its magical spell. It gives a kitchen a makeover that is stylish, sturdy as well as sophisticated. In change with time cooktops though traditional yet have appealing designs and in no way less than built in hobs.


Today, built-in kitchen and home appliances have walked a lot in today’s world in a manner that they integrate and combine the kitchen functionality as well as design to make consumers keep pace with the changing time of today's hectic and busy lifestyle. With endless and wide range of brands available in market, needs and requirements of consumers is fulfilled and they are able to make choices among multiple options available in market as per the budget. So get the best home appliance at your home today!


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Different Types of seavy Cooktop

Different Types of seavy Cooktop | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

seavy Cooktops are available in stainless steel finish and tempered glass top finish. The designing has never ending range. There are varieties of colors and designs in cooktops like metallic shades of copper, silver, gold and many patterns like floral, fruit and many more affordable price.

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Quality Cooktop Buying Guide for Your Modern Kitchen Appliances

Quality Cooktop Buying Guide for Your Modern Kitchen Appliances | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

Seavy kitchen appliances brings a big range of cooktop which not only adds elegancy , style and chic to the kitchen but also gives you with the exceptional cooking style. so now experience a high performance cooking with the modern and stylish with designs of cooktops that prefer to your kitchen and your cooking requirements. great designs of cooktops to your kitchen and touch of style in it


So when you are removing or remodel to your kitchen by replacing an old or existing appliances we at seavy india shall surely fulfill your needs.

Now a days cooking is the mixing of style, elegancy, and simplicity. They looks so great in every kitchen that every housevies will be attracted towards the new designs. So don’t wait! Give your kitchen a new stylish, prudent and sturdy cooktops. It will rejuvenate the interior kitchen design and make your cooking experience happiness and full of enjoyment.

Seavy Cooktops are available in glass design. The design is never ending range. There are new cooktops varieties available with seavy kitchen appliances store.


Cooktops burner comes with 3 burners and 4 burners ranges to depending on the your budget.. The material used in burners is of various types like. brass burners The brass burner are the oldest one though costly but efficient in heating whereas aluminium alloy burners are cheaper and new in market but their life is less .


The best thing about seavy cooktops is besides being traditional there is no required to cut the granite to fix it in kitchen environment in cooktop and its ergonomic designs are in no way less than cooktops.

There are also different types of cooktops in the market. But seavy cooktops are the best in kitchen appliances brands.


We at seavy are providing you with the modern life stylish range of cooktops that adds an international level kitchen brands . All the cooktops are best prices. So before you buy a new cooktop for your new kitchen don’t forget to visit at seavyindia.


Induction cooktops: Nowadays induction cooktops are growing fame day by day. These are called as smart cooktops. Though expensive yet efficient. They heat up fastly and are also easy to clean. They are not hot to touch and works on the magnetic field , it heats only the magnetic cookware.


Seavy is the big brand name in kitchen appliances world. Seavy brings a wonderful kitchen decorating experience for your stylish kitchen. The seavy is making the international level home appliances products. Seavy India is bringing lots of kitchen products like electric kitchen chimney, built in hobs, cooktops, built in microwave, built in ovens, water purifiers etc. The seavy innovations at very low and best prices by highest performance scales. Seavy believes for our products to be high quality with satisfaction which makes your dream of international quality kitchen products comes true with in your affordable price range.


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Luxury Design to Your Kitchen With Seavy Electric Chimney

Luxury Design to Your Kitchen With Seavy Electric Chimney | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

It’s time to give your kitchen and home a modern ultra-designer look with all the modern kitchen and home appliances. In earlier times, the kitchen cabinets and walls get sooty and dusty with the bad vapors and grime. In modern days, electrical kitchen chimneys or hoods are used in place of ventilators or exhaust fans to take off all the bad odors, vapors, grime and dusty particles from the kitchen making it sparkling, shiny and clean.


The kitchen hoods of various brands are available in market like Kaff, Faber, Elica, Kutchina, Cata, Seavy, Ekko, Padmini, Inalsa, Glen, Sunflame etc. All these renowned and well established brands provides with the best kitchen chimneys with great features and technologies.

The kitchen hood is getting popularity due to its exclusive designs and finished looks. The intricate designs and shapes are very revealing and eye catching. The reason behind the elimination of exhaust fans is the great noiseless feature of kitchen chimneys.

Every homemaker wants to remodel the kitchen with the stylish kitchen hoods or electrical kitchen chimneys. The prestigious and leading manufacturers of kitchen chimneys have brought a revolution by presenting an endless and new range of hoods in varied sizes as per kitchen needs and requirements.


Nowadays kitchen chimneys are used everywhere. They are installed in restaurants, hotels, cafes, canteens, homes to take off all oily and greasy vapors from your kitchen that can otherwise hinder your health. Thus making you stay healthy and fit.


Advantages of kitchen hood


One of the best features of kitchen hoods is that have a long life and are easy to clean and maintain. The kitchen hoods of leading and renowned companies are contracted to provide maintenance to its customers for a defined period as mentioned in warranty card. The care and maintenance of the kitchen chimneys is quite easy and can be easily performed without calling the technician. The chimney surface can easily be cleaned with a moist cloth as well as dry cloth in the manner dusting is done in such way the hood can be simply maintained in an elegant manner. The kitchen hood is not to be cleaned on regular basis it to be cleaned within a period of seventy five to ninety days.


Distinguished and Amazing features


An amazing and interesting feature about these kitchen and home appliances is that they are affordable and cheap. The companies offer the range of Rs.3500 to lakhs as per the customer budget and pocket. The company portal or websites and many other e-commerce websites offers a wide range of kitchen chimneys at affordable prices. The machines used are highly efficient and the technology is much advanced fitted with the sensitive thermostats and powerful conveyer system of motors with the silence technology.


With all such advancements of technology time has changed the shopping too now every business is going in the direction of the internet, e-commerce has become the best way to shop for any chimney or other household requirement. The World Wide Web is the easiest way to shop and make your dreams come true. Thus this medium of internet is helpful for finding a best hood among all to make a choice as per your requirement by comparing among the features and designs.


Reinvent your kitchen now with the kitchen hood of your choice today!

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Give A Style To Your Kitchen With Seavy Built in Hob

Give A Style To Your Kitchen With Seavy Built in Hob | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

Seavy India brings for you the widest range of kitchen appliances which will refresh your senses by its stylish looks. Seavy is the Indian kitchen appliances name with which every woman is familiar with. It is a well-established and renowned top brand. As the company’s seavy aim is to give your kitchen a look full of style and performance. Seavy designs are so unique and ergonomic that it really designs your kitchen cooking way.


Seavy Built-in-hobs or cooking hobs have now become the need of every kitchen. The seavy built in hob are so ravishing that it gives a touch of style to your kitchen that everyone dreamt of. Unlike unwanted gas stoves hobs are placed in the kitchen shelf by cutting a piece of granite so they are built into the kitchen surface counter. Thus there is no chance of bacteria build up or food particles to stick underneath the shelf or there are no pests or insects hiding place. Seavy built in hob or kitchen hobs is specially a good liking for a home that is clean, healthy and save the gas.


Engaging with the seavy appliances is really good feel and fun filled activity. Its versatile and stylish designs make your kitchen a modern section. Seavy trusts in healthy kitchen and healthy life with family. Its big range of built in hobs come with kinds of different designs. The number of gas burners ranges from 3 to 5 as per your kitchen requirements. Lots different design and sizes are also available ranging from 60 cm to 90 cm. The price range is great and within under in your budget. The brush steel bodies and tempered finish tempered black glass bodies are all available. The friendly design of burners makes cooking a pleasure experience. However such big features it also gives a soft touch precision control knobs and maximum vessel space in its designer hobs.


The grill used in seavy kitchen hobs is also of two types. The cleanliness becomes very easy with seavy built in hobs. All the cooking hobs come with the auto and manual electric ignition feature. So all the seavy built in hobs are made such by keeping in mind your need and requirement. One most valuable feature of seavy hobs is that it uses the modern technology burners in all its designs .Seavy built in hobs saves energy consumption or the amount of gas consumed. is providing you with widest range of seavy kitchen appliances. Some of the products it serves you are as follows:-


1. Built in hobs


2. Electric kitchen chimney

3. Built in ovens


4. Built in microwave


5. Cooktops


6. Water Purifiers


7. Auto clean chimneys


Seavy India offers you with the wide range of kitchen appliances. We are a Delhi based company. We believe in customer satisfaction by offering them best prices. So what are you waiting for just buy by choosing from our never ending range of products .We are always there to serve you.

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Seavy Electric Kitchen chimney Make Clean to your Home

Seavy Electric Kitchen chimney Make Clean to your Home | seavy india is Best kitchen appliances Website |

All housewives wish of a better kitchen appliances use so that put style as well as add the performance in cooking style. So now days kitchen is not absolutely completed without the most important kitchen appliance. The seavy kitchen chimney It not only shine the inner and looks of the kitchens but also moves a important role in kitchen area. The seavy kitchen chimney or hoods is placed just above the gas stove to away the fumes and unwanted air or smell from the kitchen. If this air is not extracted than it will attacked the lungs and inner body and also the sticky and greasy particles in air will get stop into the kitchen cabinets and other home items.


Now today’s time of revolution to change it is an most and needed tools which is stylish yet highly durable in kitchen environment. The electric kitchen chimney with high suction capacity is best choice because it flushes the vapors fastly as compared to low suction capacity chimneys.

So many brands of  electric kitchen chimney are available in market but seavy kitchen appliances brands are best and affordable price range in india. All these seavy products are easily available in Indian market also seavyindia website. Many models and sizes of electric kitchen chimney are also available to choose from as per the kitchen design with the stainless steel finish and glass finish bodies that add a touch of life style and value to your kitchen. The range of seavy kitchen chimney starts from Rs. 5000 and depend on your budget and choice.


There are two various of filter used in kitchen chimney metal grease filter or aluminium filter or mesh filters. These filters works other many types but the baffle filter is much suited to kitchens of india compared to aluminium filters . The baffle filters are so easy to care and clean whereas aluminium filters have large difficult in which the grease get stucked in so it is not easy to clean also not suited to Indian kitchens.


The electric kitchen chimneys and hood enhances a grand to your home with seavy kitchen appliances its smoothly touch, innovative and modern designs and colors. Various new models are launched in seavy kitchen chimney has a unique auto clean feature that collects the oil in an oil cup and thus there is no need of long or extra services.


seavyindia always serve to you kitchen appliances product to your doors in one orders. Just search and go our range of kitchen appliancesof seavy and buy the electric kitchen chimney of your choice.


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