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Zovo is a cloud-based file storage and backup service which offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth to subscribers along with some very unique features.


Among them I have noted:


Automatic backup in the background Automatic file monitoring and saving Automatic file history to up to 30 revisions Automatic recovery of any deleted file  Sync files between your computers Get a virtual drive on your PC or Mac - works like an external drive (Pro version) Stream your music & movies to your iPhone or iPap - Free app View and edit any documents (Pro) Share files with friends or co-workers in one-click (Pro)  Unlimited storage Unlimited bandwidth 100% secure - military grade encryption Works on Windows and Mac Full FTP support (Pro) Super fast transfers


Features list: http://zovo.co/business_features.php 


Pricing: http://zovo.co/packages.php 

Zovo Backup £ 19.99/year

Zovo Pro £ 49.99/year


Find out more: http://zovo.co/ 


Sign up: http://zovo.co/signup.php 


(Reviewed by Robin Good)

Via Robin Good