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10 Reasons You Need An SEO Strategy

10 Reasons You Need An SEO Strategy | Search Engine Optimization-SEO |
SEO = Search Engine Optimization.
SEO is important for many reasons, which I’ll get into in a moment. If you follow marketing blogs and advice columns you are lucky to run into many different suggestions when it comes to SEO strategy.

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Do You Know Why Old Content is the King of Content Marketing?

Do You Know Why Old Content is the King of Content Marketing? | Search Engine Optimization-SEO |
You don't need more content. You need old content. I know, that's not what you usually hear, so stick with me and we will look at some numbers to see why it is so important.

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Albert Green's comment, September 11, 2013 9:43 AM
Although the idea is very interesting, I don't see any valid arguments that OLD content is the key to high rankings. You even can't say there's a correlation here because 14/30 pages are less then 1 year old and 16/30 are more than 1 year old.
The method for determining OLD website is also faulty since the age of domain is not the same as the age of the content itself. So if the page has been updated within this year, it should be labeled as new. To my mind, 90% of the TOP10 search results pages have been updated during last year, so this would mean that NEW content is the key to high rankings.
And since this is just a hypothesis, I must present an actual trend that has been spotted by SEO specialists recently. After latest Google Search engine updates, fresh content easily wins over old content with a lot of backlinks. If OLD content was the king, there would be NO fresh content (up to 1 month old) on first page at all.
Karen Tracey McCarty's curator insight, January 30, 2014 12:07 PM

Some things we know are better with age, like wine and wisdom, but content? Seriously? Read on to see stats showing why your old content can be a power horse for generating increased site traffic and search results.

SBESSCPA's curator insight, February 12, 2014 2:40 PM

Do something with your old data -- turn it into website and social media content.....