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Social Media is Hard: The 2013 Landscape of Social Networks in one Infographic

Social Media is Hard: The 2013 Landscape of Social Networks in one Infographic | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

After almost two-and-half years, it is with great pleasure that I officially unveil the fourth edition of The Conversation Prism. Viewed and downloaded millions of times over, The Conversation Prism in its various stages has captures snapshot of important moments in the history and evolution of Social Media.

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Via Ally Greer
Witmer Group's curator insight, December 7, 2013 5:31 PM

LOVE this visual!  

OnePulse's curator insight, July 9, 11:29 AM

Very cool.

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Web 4.0: The Ultra-Intelligent Electronic Agent is Coming

Web 4.0: The Ultra-Intelligent Electronic Agent is Coming | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, it is useful to look back at the various iterations of the Internet to see how it has evolved and where we might reasonably expect to see it go in the coming years and decades.
The defining aspect of Web 1.0 was search. In other words, think Yahoo! in the early 1990s. Web 2.0 is social media, which involves collaborative projects like Wikipedia, social networking sites like Facebook, blogs and micro-blogs like Twitter and many other examples. So what’s Web 3.0? According to the futurist and business strategist and Big Think blogger Daniel Burrus, this is all happening faster than the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 due to processing power, bandwidth and storage, "creating a curve of exponential change."
So Burrus describes the third iteration of the Web as "the 3D Web." By that does he mean 3D glasses? No. "We already have that with video games where you go in to environments in 3D," Burrus says. "What you’re going to see is "3D on phones and tablets coming up very shortly." Burrus says the real game-changer will be the 3D web browser: "You can go into inter-spatial places. You can go into rooms, in to convention centers, in to showrooms."

So what about Web 4.0? Will that be coming along soon?

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