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29 useful Twitter tips for beginners

29 useful Twitter tips for beginners | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Twitter is a fantastic platform that allows you to interact with like-minded people. I've learnt a lot from fellow digital marketers on Twitter by joining conversations and reading their content.

Along the way I've picked up a fairly substantial set of tips, tricks and hints on how to make the most of Twitter and build your presence there.

Anyway, enough waffle, you came here wanting tips so let's get to it.

1. The more tweeting you do the more clicks you'll get but overdo it and you'll lose followers. No one wants their timelines hijacked.
2. Tweeting keyword rich, relevant content throughout the day will attract followers specific to your industry/interests.
3. You can build your Twitter following by following those that follow companies/people similar to you. Don't go overboard though, Twitter frowns upon this.
4. #hashtags are great way to gain exposure during conferences/events and interact with like-minded people.
5. Favouriting tweets is a simple way of acknowledging people and in return can earn you followers.

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How Twitter Gets In The Way Of Knowledge

How Twitter Gets In The Way Of Knowledge | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

lot to be learned from tweets, if Twitter would let us.

Celebrities, politicians, world leaders, news organizations, millions of normal people, and even the occasional cat, use Twitter every day to talk about their breakfast, natural disasters, political events, and events of global interest like the Oscars and the Super Bowl. With millions of tweets transmitted every day, Twitter has become an important historical and cultural record and an immensely useful resource for researchers of politics, history, literature, language, and anything else you can imagine. Or it could be. In recent years Twitter has made changes to its service that severely limit its usefulness to researchers.

The difficulty with most research is getting a good enough dataset, and the bigger the better. Corpus linguistics, for example, uses giant databases of hundreds of millions of words, painstakingly organized and annotated. The biggest corpora exceed 450 million words, and with a reported average of half a billion tweets per day, and around 15 words per tweet, that much data passes through Twitter in less than a day.

Twitter has already shown its value as a dataset, for hobbyists and academics alike. Edwin Chen, a data scientist at Twitter, mapped the use of "coke", "soda" and "pop" to refer to soft drinks in tweets and got results that largely concur with non-Twitter research, going some way to confirming Twitter's value as a research tool. On the academic side, as the New York Times reported in October last year, researchers are using Twitter to study the sentiment of tweets relating to major events like the Arab Spring and the way emotions relate to the rhythms of daily life. More recently, researchers announced their findings in using machine learning and natural language processing to predict whether the information contained in a tweet is true or false. But Twitter's evolution into a media company is making it much harder to collect good data for research, reducing its utility as a research tool.

The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC), co-sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and U.S. Department of Defense, has been helping support research in the area of information retrieval since 1992. In the past they've had sessions on contextual search suggestions, helping lawyers search for relevant information from legal databases, and making it easier for doctors and nurses to search medical records. As of 2011, they also have a microblog track, studying search behaviors on Twitter.

At TREC's 2011 conference they provided 58 organizations with a dataset of around 16 million tweets from a two-week period that included the Egyptian Revolution and the U.S. Superbowl. Or they would have liked to. What attendees actually got was a database of 16 million tweet identifiers and a set of tools that would let them access the tweets and download them themselves. Ian Soboroff, one of the researchers leading the microblog track, told me that, before they offered the dataset, people were downloading their own collections of tweets, but couldn't share them. "Twitter actually contacted a number of researchers trying to share their tweet collections and told them to stop," he said. The problem is a clause in Twitter's API Terms of Service forbidding redistribution of tweets.

The clause had an immediate effect on a variety of startups and organizations. TwapperKeeper, a service that allowed users to export archives of tweets with certain keywords or hashtags, found itself in violation of the clause and had to shut down. The same problem affected 140kit, one of the first groups researching Twitter's political and cultural influence, who were no longer allowed to share their datasets with interested users. For academics, it meant they could no longer collect and share datasets of tweets for analysis.

The change was a major blow to the prospect of getting good research out of Twitter data. With a shared, common resource, multiple observers can assess the integrity of the data collected, removing the question of bad data from a study's results, and it enables reproducibility, allowing the results of a study to be confirmed by other parties. But Twitter's new terms put a stop to that.

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Twitter User Insights for Marketers [Study]

Twitter User Insights for Marketers [Study] | Search Engine Marketing Trends |
The rate of Twitter adoption among Internet users is growing steadily, though those who use the social network are doing so on a more regular basis. Discover other Twitter user insights to use in your social media marketing strategy.
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6 Things That You Didn't Know About Twitter

6 Things That You Didn't Know About Twitter | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Twitter was never meant to be a social network. In fact Twitter started life as an internal messaging service for a podcasting company just over seven years ago.6 Things That You Didn't Know About Twitter

But how things have changed.

On the social web we live on a diet of fast change and rapid media evolution. Twitter’s slow burning maturation often flies below the radar and Facebook changes such as the new timeline and graph search attract numerous blog articles, comments on Facebook and mass media attention.

Twitter has become a multi-media social network without anyone really noticing.



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[Infographic] How to Get More Clicks on Twitter

[Infographic] How to Get More Clicks on Twitter | Search Engine Marketing Trends |
I've often said that the best use of Twitter is as a broadcast medium. You should be creating a ton of interesting content and sharing it with your followers.
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