Search Engine Marketing Trends
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Search Engine Marketing Trends
Search engine optimization and social media marketing related latest news, trends etc. for rapid growth over internet marketing sphere.
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120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs [Infographic]

Millions of brands are now incorporating their traditional plans in their online marketing campaigns. The need to further reach out to their potential customers is the motivation of modern marketers to look for effective ways on how they can connect and engage with their targeted audience.

Blogging is one of these cost-efficient, proven and tested ways for a successful online marketing campaign. It offers several benefits such as user interaction (comments, shares), customer acquisition and higher rankings on SERPs given that search engines favor fresh over old content.

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SEO Demystified: SEO Doesn’t Confuse People – People Confuse People

SEO Demystified: SEO Doesn’t Confuse People – People Confuse People | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

The one constant that you can count on in SEO is change – new rules, new restrictions, new algorithms, new devices, new penalties, new best practices...  These changes don’t go unnoticed by the SEO community – they result in blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. Maybe too many blogs?

Despite all of the available information, I talk to business owners everyday that don’t understand SEO. They are getting multiple calls and emails every week, but don’t act because they are confused by all of the information. “What does it all mean...

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Sumaiya Banu's curator insight, August 27, 2013 6:17 AM

PeopleWorks enables HR to shortlist prospective candidates most suitable for the role necessitating the recruitment drive. You can define preset parameters and evaluate candidates based on these parameters.

TarBilisim's comment, October 7, 2014 11:32 AM
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using Google Plus

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using Google Plus | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

In the past couple of years Search Engine Optimization may well have gone through a transformation. Since the launch of Google Plus people are talking more and more about Social SEO. As such, I would suggest this has as much to do with psychology as it does with hyperlinks…

This article will explore how you can best use Google Plus for perfectly natural, organic search engine results – including exploring the more technical considerations in interviews with Mark Traphagen and Joshua Berg.

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Why good SEOs should look like they don't exist

Why good SEOs should look like they don't exist | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

We've seen a lot of changes in the SEO world over the last six months, with content marketing in particular becoming a hotter topic almost by the day. But if you really think about what a good SEO campaign should look like, it's pretty obvious that link manipulation and over-optimisation is never what Google was looking for when reviewing quality in sites.

In fact, in the words of Google themselves; creating quality content is the single biggest thing you can do!

Don't chase the algorithm!

In many ways, for those who were doing SEO the right way, nothing has changed at all. They probably enjoyed Google's algorithm changes over the last six months the most. It's those who were chasing the algorithm and looking for quick win SEO tactics that lost out.

At a conference back in April, just after Google had rolled out the penguin update, I got asked by the CEO of a property company why his website had dropped for key terms such as "Florida real estate".

He told me how he went to all the leading search conferences and events, followed all of the advice and benefited from great rankings for years. So why has Google now decided to penalise him?

Having thought about what he said, my reply was that the answer was in the question! He's been taking advantage of all of the SEO tactics for a long time, benefiting from this knowledge of the Google algorithm in order to boost his own results into positions where they really shouldn't have been ranking.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong in that, and this time last year that would have looked like great SEO! He was getting some great results - all while his competitors were completely unaware of SEO and were missing out on great opportunities of generating organic traffic.

But now things have changed! Those clueless competitor brands who just went about their business unaware of SEO are now benefiting. All because they were doing things in a natural way. And now it means they don't have to do link cleanups, they haven't over-optimised their content - but they have focused on building their business and brand.

And if you look at the sites that are winning right now, they have one thing in common - they've been building brands and focusing on good PR and marketing, not short-term SEO wins.

So to be a good SEO, in many ways you need to look like you don't exist.

And by this, I don't mean you shouldn't do anything. As much as Google will want to be able to find the best content on the web, they have always needed SEOs to help make this content more accessible and easier to find and value.

Those that won out of the panda and penguin updates were often the sites who weren't concerned about SEO tactics, or even SEO at all. It's so important these days that you don't over-do it. That's just likely to cause more problems further down the line.

So I've listed a few tips on the type of things you should be focusing on instead.

1) Get your SEO basics and fundamentals in place

Ensure your title tags and headings are optimised around key phrases, meta descriptions are written for users and clickthrough rates in mind, internal linking is kept sensible etc...

This way you're still keeping SEO in mind but it's using natural language around those important keywords that are relevant to a specific page. It's not just trying to optimise for keywords in places where it might not fit. is a good example of this, you can tell SEO has been considered within the site content, but it's not at the expense of the user experience and journey.

2) Get your website architecture and URL right

Here you should focus on users and how they interact with your site and its navigation, there's no need to worry too much about keywords. Just make sure you are using sensible and natural language to describe your content.

So clean-up your URL structure and pay attention to Google Webmaster Tools, fixing any crawl errors you find, submit XML sitemaps etc. Basically everything that you would normally do in a technical SEO review, the goal is to make sure that you're making Google's job as easy as possible in order to find your best content. They're likely to reward you for that!

3) Focus on content, not links

By building great content and telling interesting stories about your brand online, the links will come. But this way it's far more natural and defensibile, because these links will have been added by choice and as a by-product of having great content with people talking about this online.

The best links you can get for your site are naturally acquired, so think more about the audience you are targeting and the people you want to link to you, as opposed to the sites that you want to get links from.

So analyse your content and focus on creating great content for your audience that can naturally generate social attention and links:

4) Consider user generated content

We all know Google loves unique content and UGC is generally ranking very well post-panda/penguin. This makes sense, it's naturally relevant content that is written around a specific topic - but it's not over-optimised and is unique. So think of ways you can incorporate that into your brands online strategy.

Sometimes it even makes for great content in it's own right!


The end goal is to make sure you rank as highly as possible, and for long-term success the only real way to compete with the top brands is to become one yourself.

So while there will always be short-term fixes that may, or may not, get you there, nothing really beats the hard-work of building something of value that people love, share and interact with.

That's going to be far more rewarding and valuable to Google - and it makes sense to focus on building your overall brand online from all angles, not just relying too heavily on Google.



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Putting it All Together

Putting it All Together | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Do You Learn Visually?

A lot of people who sell stuff in the search space tend to over-simplify SEO. To boil it down to a single number. But search is *amazingly* complex. complex.Each keyword and each market has its own unique characteristics.

If you learn visually and want to get a look under the hood, check out this infographic on how Google works. You may want to save a copy of it to your hard drive (right click on the image and "save as"). As you learn more about search it will help you fill in the pieces a bit quicker...

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Top 5 low hanging fruits

Top 5 low hanging fruits | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Creating and implementing a full SEO strategy can be a lengthy process. It often starts out with a detailed website health check and background research, which (when done properly) can take up a lot of time. This can seem counter-productive, as it delays carrying out changes and fixes that can actually start making a difference to your overall site performance.


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Igniva Solutions's comment, September 12, 2013 11:03 AM
It would, if the scale of issue is gauged by SE as too much... To top it all they(SE) are still BOTs(in context to their behavior...). :)
Albert Green's comment, September 13, 2013 2:49 AM
I agree, it's just hard for me to imagine such situation where you would be unaware that so many of your pages have 404 errors.
And the readers should not expect to rise in SERP after repairing 5 or 10 404s.
So here we're talking more about "how to not get penalized" instead of "how to improve your search engine rankings".
Igniva Solutions's comment, September 13, 2013 8:16 AM
Friend this issue does creep some sites silently without their being aware of such things... And I have personally looked into this issue and after fixing it. The site did improved its domain authority resulting in better search rankings...
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Why Content for SEO & Role of Social Media in Search Engine

Why Content for SEO & Role of Social Media in Search Engine | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

What do you think when is the content marketing required? When it comes to doing SEO for a website, everyone knows that content plays one of the most important role. While one more thing which not many knows till now is that Social media accounts for over 50% now in Search Engines.

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How to future-proof your SEO

How to future-proof your SEO | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

A long time ago, people used to talk more about sustainable SEO. I don’t know exactly when the whole discussion died down (as a trend, of course), but today, I see very few people talking about it, and fewer still practice it.

Sustainable SEO is all about quality. It’s about truth, genuineness, and “being natural” as opposed to “acting natural.” Many people say SEO has changed vastly; experts say SEO is re-inventing itself. Matt Cutts says Google is becoming even smarter, and industry publications are alive with gurus constantly discussing Google’s rapidly evolving algorithms.

But while it’s fun to debate and discuss Google’s latest algorithm changes, all you really need to know is what one ex-Google employee said: Forget SEO. Build your content as if there was no Google. Craft your marketing campaigns like there are just people out there to please, not search engines to placate.

In doing so, you’ll actually be practicing the most powerful and safe SEO strategy: Sustainable SEO.




Manish Puranik's curator insight, August 2, 2013 12:24 AM

Sustainable SEO is all about quality. It’s about truth, genuineness, and “being natural” as opposed to “acting natural.”

Igniva Solutions's comment, September 23, 2013 9:07 AM
@Manish Puranik You are so right!
Manish Puranik's comment, September 23, 2013 10:21 AM
Dear Seorce and Igniva, thank you and Welcome to my page! I will try my level best not to disappoint you and also would love to learn what topics would you like to read about on this page. All suggestions, comments and feedback are welcome!
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The Future of SEO

The Future of SEO | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of modern web design. In recent years, having a good grip on SEO has often made the difference between a successful website and one that fails to garner significant attention. Due to the nature of search engines, SEO must constantly adapt to ensure that websites remain high in the search rankings.Many web designers have been noticing lately that Google, the most widely used search engine by far, has had its search algorithms modified in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam content in search results. With this in mind, it pays to remember that it is in the interests of both you and the search engine companies to produce content that doesn’t have the typical spam features, such as keyword stuffing. The aim of Google is to produce results that are pleasing to people searching out websites, so having a high quality site can act as a form of SEO in itself. In the long run it’ll pay off as more specifically optimised pages eventually become obsolete.

Producing consistent content is all very well, however it never hurts to use SEO to gain an edge over competitors. The type of SEO you will need depends heavily on the type of viewers you are looking for. A few years ago, most web browsing was firmly computer or laptop based; however these days there are many more ways for people to access the internet. Make sure your website is fully mobile compatible and you’ll broaden your customer base considerably.

Personalised searching is something relatively new that has been throwing a curve ball at website designers looking for effective SEO. What this type of searching does is correlate past data from a user’s browsing and searching history to produce results that are likely to match the things that they are interested in. With Google implementing this in their browser as well as their search engine, it’s fair to say that this type of search is going to stick around. An example of the way that this affects web users is if they are subscribed to blogs via the Google Reader app. These blogs will tend to be bumped up in the search results (though only for the people who are subscribed to them of course). With social media and networking becoming an increasingly widespread and important facet of personal computer use, it seems likely that this trend for social network oriented search results will continue. It would seem that for website builders, SEO may become increasingly focused on building up large networks of online contacts in a bid to increase the potential number of viewers exposed to their web content.

It really is hard to understate the impact that social media will have on SEO in the near future. Despite being around for quite a while now, the major players in the social networking arena continue to grow as more and more ordinary people become involved. Start taking advantage of the benefits of social media now, instead of becoming left behind as search engines begin to favour more social-media savvy pages.

One hidden benefit of social optimisation is the generation of genuine back links from other websites. Once you have a wide audience thanks to implementation of social networking functions, you will find your search engine rankings going up as others begin to link your site. Back-links from other sites are a very powerful SERP modifier, and while you can easily pay for backlinks, Google is firmly headed in the direction of reducing the rankings of spam-like sites.

Overall, the future of SEO will be more complex than in the past. Old school techniques to fool search engines continue to be weeded out, but if you construct your content with longevity in mind, and are diligent with implementing emerging social networking features, you can ensure that your sites are future proof...


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Visualizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Visualizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

To advertise your goods you build a website, which requires the best use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Without them you’ll have constantly have doubt you’re ranking high as possible on the search page of Google and every other search engine. To distill it down, it’s a technique to build visibility of your website online, by making sure that search engines recognize your pages, and give them maximum exposure.

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