New Tool: Pingage Helps You Test it Before You Pin It on Pinterest | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

Pingage has launched a new service for optimizing posts on Pinterest.

With crafty users who like to post their ideas for everything from their dream weddings to their next tattoos, Pinterest recently beat out Yahoo!, Bing, and Twitter to become the fourth largest driver of traffic to other websites.

But the image bookmarking site doesn’t have advertising options yet and only recently launched an analytics reporting tool of its own.

Experimenting to find out what works on Pinterest is at the core of this pay-for-performance tool.  Pingage uses an algorithm to determine the best time to post and will also A/B test the content that will pack the most punch for each pin.

Each pin is wrapped inside an Engagement Box that encourages the pinner to follow, click, or buy directly from Pinterest.

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