Google+ Hits 135 Million "In Stream" Users: The Growth Chart & Behind The Numbers | Search Engine Marketing Trends |

According to new Google figures, Google+ now has 135 million active users, with 235 million active users when counting Google properties with Google+ features, and 500 million with Google+ enabled accounts. Below, a chart of the growth and more about each type of figure.

Google’s Growing “Network Thingy”

If three sets of figures for a social network seems odd, that’s because Google+ is positioned by Google as more than a social network. Google has often spoken of it as a social “layer” across various Google properties. More recently, it has been described as a social “spine.”

Google’s post today with user figures gave new definition: a “network thingy,” and one growing faster than others:

Today Google+ is the fastest-growing network thingy ever.

It’s not clear which figures Google is using as the basis of its fastest growing claim, nor what other networks this is being compared with and how. Is super fast-growing Pinterest considered here?

I’ll look for some answers to this with I talk on stage with Vic Gundotra, who heads Google’s social efforts, later today at our SMX Social Media Marketing conference. More details about tuning-in are at the end of this story.

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