How TO Host A Scoopit Newsletter / Landingpage FREE on Google Drive | on the Web |

Found A Cool Use for's new Newsletter feature. It is easy to create a content landing page and host it free with Google Drive. 

Here's How...

1. Create a newsletter using the Manage > Create A Newsletter

2. Download as a Zip file. Open the Zip file.

3. Upload the HTML file to your Google drive into a public folder.

4. Click on the HTML file. A window pops up, click on OPEN in lower right corner. 

5. Click on preview. Copy the URL that appears in the browser window: 

Next figuring out how to add a Call To Action and subscription code.  BTW, Unbounce charges $700 a year to host landing pages :). 

Also works on DropBox. 

The Free Alternative
The interesting question is could you create a web marketing business with NO money for websites or blogs? Yes is the answer to that question. By using free tools such as Google Drive, and Blogger or WordPress you could create a business without paying anything to web development. 

You might find that business is limited in scale, but so what. Your cost is  limited to your sweat equity to create a revenue stream and THEN buy the website improvements you need to go to the next level. I just build a MagentoGo store (Story of Cancer Store: ) and the same thing is ALMOST true for Ecom.

Between Storify, Volusion and Magento you can create a store for sweat equity + $500 (give or take). My little store has already made $130 inside of its first month so well on its way to paying for its serving costs. 

The ultimate lesson of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is DO NOTHING until it is worth the investment to do so :).