Tools to Keep Netflix Movie Streaming From Getting Stale | Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Movies and Films |

On the Sci-Fi Super Friends Podcast, we exclusively use this streaming service to watch, review and rate films. Some are gems, but a whole lot are "stinkers". Until now I just thought it might be a matter of luck to find something new that won't cause wailing and gnashing of teeth.


In this article, Jason Gilbert at the Huffington Post, put together a great list of tools for finding quality movies and shows to watch on Netflix streaming service:


1. A Better Queue -

2. RottenTomatoes Netflix Filter -

3. InstantWatcher -

4. InstantWatchDB -

5. The Pivot View -

6. WhichFlicks -

7. Streaming Soon -


 I'll likely use one or more of these tools suggested by Gilbert to help find movies for veiwing. But it seems like a mixed blessing. The only flaw I see with these strategies is that, for us, our podcast often has a great time reviewing a "horribly bad" film. I'm afraid that the ability to find only the best in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies, would take a lot of the fun out of the podcast for us! Hell, I recently, picked a movie for review by literally flipping a coin. Perhaps I'll only use these tools for my own personal veiwing and not for the Sci-Fi Super Friends Podcast.


Source: Jason Gilbert, Huffington Post